Eating Quotes

A summary of every Jewish holiday: They tried to kill us, we won, let’s eat!

— Alan King

There’s one thing we all share: We eat to nurture ourselves, to feel stronger.

— Alek Wek

Restaurants serve huge portions on even huger platters, and people are tempted to eat too much.

— Alek Wek

Many live to eat, instead of the other way around.

— Alek Wek

I love red bell peppers. Bell peppers in general, really. I like to eat them like apples. They’re so crunchy and delicious.

— Alex Honnold

I eat meat, but no meat that isn’t pastured is acceptable, and we probably need to eat a whole lot less.

— Alice Waters

When I’m training in December, I have to eat like 6,000 calories a day to maintain my weight. It’s a bit tiring.

— Andy Murray

I never count calories, but I eat so well.

— Alicia Silverstone

I’ve been tiny since I was four, and I eat whatever I want.

— Alessandra Ambrosio

I’m a girl who eats, I love to eat.

— Aubrey O’Day

I’m crazy about ducks and swans and geese, so I don’t eat foie gras. I try to eat organic.

— Anna Chancellor

Eat kale sometimes, but skip it as a trend.

— Anna Getty

We need to be aware of all aspects: To check how they travel, how they eat, the competition conditions.

— Alberto Juantorena

Eat to please thyself, but dress to please others.

— Benjamin Franklin

I always eat mac and cheese. That’s what I’m known for, just very simple food: sandwiches, French fries, very unhealthy, but yeah that’s what I eat.

— Bethany Mota

I eat well, but I don’t believe in diets.

— Bruno Tonioli

I need to eat a lot otherwise, I feel faint. I get in the worst moods if I don’t eat.

— Cara Delevingne

I thought I’d become an actress, but then I realized I eat too much.

— Chelsea Handler

I don’t like spinach, and I’m glad I don’t, because if I liked it I’d eat it, and I just hate it.

— Clarence Darrow

Just try not to ingest a lot of fats, and just try to eat carefully.

— Clint Eastwood

You are what you eat, and you make what you hear.

— Cam

Before a shoot, I’ll watch what I eat. During the shoot, I watch what I eat. Afterwards, the first thing I do is go have a steak and French fries.

— Camila Alves

There isn’t anything I don’t eat, although I’m not too keen on creepy crawly things. Other than that, I’m quite adventurous. I like all types of red meat, and I’m not a fussy eater at all.

— Cherie Lunghi

I always get to eat what I want because if I don’t, I go insane.

— Chrissy Teigen

Models eat. They’re crazy about moderation, but they eat.

— Chrissy Teigen

If I’m making a movie and get hungry, I call time-out and eat some crackers.

— Carol Alt

It was in England that I discovered theatre. I didn’t have any money, but I would just eat yoghurt in order to get some money for tickets.

— Caterina Murino

I love to eat. I’m not the biggest guy, but I love to eat.

— Curtis Granderson

If I snowboard, I will eat it.

— Charlie Carver

I’m vegetarian, so it’s difficult for me to eat Tourtiere.

— Charlotte Le Bon

I need savory sauces, stews and pastas. I can’t live without pastas. My butt, you can tell I like to eat.

— Debi Mazar

I have a very high metabolism, and I have to constantly eat to keep on going.

— Debi Mazar

It took me years to eat a lot of shellfish. I was probably 20 years old before I had even seen a shrimp cocktail. I like oysters, but fried.

— Dolly Parton

Serve yourself, put the food away, then eat.

— Dan Buettner

If I eat, I can’t work. I’ll eat when I’m dead.

— Daphne Guinness

I do watch what I eat, but not for weight reasons.

— Diane Kruger

I don’t eat sushi, but I eat cooked meat.

— Drake Bell

I will eat disgusting things, but only those with long established culinary traditions.

— Dana Goodyear

I’m a non-confrontational person. If I order salmon and I get chicken, I’m going to eat the chicken.

— Danny Pudi

I could spend a whole day at a spa. I’d get a facial, a scalp rub, massages, then eat some grapes and be good to go.

— Dule Hill

I eat quite healthily normally but, like everyone, have relapses and give in to the odd cake.

— Denise Van Outen

If you are what you eat, then you are shaped by what you share as you eat.

— Deng Ming-Dao

Hey, I used to eat at McDonald’s: I liked the taste of the food, especially the French fries.

— Eric Schlosser

Yes, a cheeseburger and fries is probably my favourite meal. But I don’t eat ground beef anymore.

— Eric Schlosser

You eat when you’re hungry, and I’m not normally hungry in the mornings.

— Eric Bristow

I loved to eat. For all of Hollywood’s rewards, I was hungry for most of those 20 years.

— Gene Tierney

Our ancestors didn’t need any genetic enhancements to be able to sit for twelve hours a day and eat fatty, sugary foods, but we need enhancements that handle that altered environment.

— George M. Church

I always say, ‘Eat clean to stay fit have a burger to stay sane.’

— Gigi Hadid

Vegetarian’ is a slippery word. I don’t eat cheese, I don’t eat duck – the point is I’m vegan.

— Grace Slick

We do not need to eat animals, wear animals, or use animals for entertainment purposes, and our only defense of these uses is our pleasure, amusement, and convenience.

— Gary L. Francione

You don’t have to eat a whole cheeseburger, just take a piece of the cheeseburger.

— Guy Fieri

I’m a big eater in terms that l love flavor, but I don’t like to eat a lot of one thing. I like to eat a little bit.

— Guy Fieri

I have fed purely upon ale I have eat my ale, drank my ale, and I always sleep upon ale.

— George Farquhar

If we remained perpetually infatuated, we couldn’t eat, sleep or work.

— Helen Fisher

Cheese is one of my great weaknesses, I could eat the stuff by the pound.

— Helena Christensen

The meals were served in a large hall, in which Moctezuma was accustomed to eat, and the dishes quite filled the room, which was covered with mats and kept very clean.

— Hernan Cortes

Oh, I eat whatever I want whenever I want it.

— Gertrude Ederle

If you could eat portions of pine trees, you could eliminate corn in many ways.

— Homaro Cantu

I don’t encourage kids to eat sugar, but I do it.

— Grace Hightower

I’m a model, but I love to eat.

— Irina Shayk

I landed in 1980 in Bangkok, and I stopped to eat ten times between the airport and the hotel. It was all lemongrass and ginger and chilies.

— Jean-Georges Vongerichten

I have never really cooked, don’t know how to use my dishwasher, and subsist mainly on prepared deli takeout. I don’t even eat in restaurants much.

— Jerry Saltz

I tend to eat what I want, which probably isn’t good.

— Jewel

The cows shorten the grass, and the chickens eat the fly larvae and sanitize the pastures. This is a symbiotic relation.

— Joel Salatin

The French, who love their dogs, sometimes eat their horses. The Spanish, who love their horses, sometimes eat their cows. The Indians, who love their cows, sometimes eat their dogs.

— Jonathan Safran Foer

Hamburgers are my favorite thing to eat, period.

— Joshua Bell

If you can’t eat it, shoot it, or wear it, don’t bring it.

— James Mattis

Well, I don’t really eat cereal that much because on Weight Watchers it’s not worth the points.

— Jennifer Hudson

I don’t buy comics anymore, for the most part. I eat my lunch off of them.

— Jim Lee

I watch what I eat, and I train properly.

— Jake Arrieta

Eat, drink and remarry is my motto.

— Jay McInerney

We’re predators we don’t eat meat because it’s handy, we eat meat because we have a taste for blood.

— Jeff Lindsay

I eat healthily, as it keeps my energy up.

— Jack Whitehall

We don’t need to eat anyone who would run, swim, or fly away if he could.

— James Cromwell

The code of the road is, if there is anything to eat, eat if there is a place to sit, sit if there is a restroom, go.

— Jessica Savitch

If these assets were set up as a revolving fund with which Japan could import raw materials for its industries, Japanese exports could again enter the channels of world trade-and Japanese workers would have employment and something to eat.

— James Forrestal

I eat and drink at my desk, but I’m a tidy eater.

— Jamie Zawinski

Political art – not always a contradiction in terms – can destroy institutions, or eat away at them.

— Joe Haldeman

You cannot eat a cluster of grapes at once, but it is very easy if you eat them one by one.

— Jacques Roumain

I eat a lot of kale, and I drink about half a gallon to a gallon of water a day.

— John Salley

I’m going to say my favorite thing is to eat salads, and I’ll be like the altar boy.

— Lamar Odom

In week one of the ‘X Factor,’ just to be a little bit quirky, I decided to say that I like girls who eat carrots. Ever since I’ve had lots and lots and lots of carrots.

— Louis Tomlinson

I tend to eat geographically. When I’m in L.A., I like to eat L.A. food.

— Lucy Punch

I love to eat out, but even more, I love to eat in.

— Laurie Colwin

The majority of the cocoa that we eat, it is actually produced by young kids which are being enslaved in the plantations of the Ivory Coast. Ivory Coast is the largest producer of cocoa.

— Loretta Napoleoni

I was lucky to live 10 years in France, so I learned how to eat and drink there.

— Lorraine Bracco

I don’t eat bubble gum, but I like the smell.

— Karl Lagerfeld

I used to sleep, eat, breathe volleyball. Now I have that with my kids.

— Kerri Walsh Jennings

If it has a shelf life longer than you, don’t eat it.

— Kris Carr

We are what we eat, so I eat as many veggies as I can!

— Kristin Chenoweth

Sometimes for an afternoon snack, I’ll get some tortilla chips and half an avocado, and I’ll just eat that like guacamole.

— Kyle MacLachlan

When I eat better, I perform better.

— Kathryn McCormick

Full disclosure: I’ve never read ‘Eat Pray Love,’ nor have I even seen the movie.

— Kelvin Yu

When Clark Gable died, I cried for 2 days straight. I couldn’t eat or sleep.

— Marilyn Monroe

Well, there are certain foods that I prefer not to eat because they’re just such a jolt to the system.

— Mary Tyler Moore

You cannot eat apples planted from seeds. They must be grafted, cloned.

— Michael Pollan

Eat deliberately, with other people whenever possible, and always with pleasure.

— Michael Pollan

I’m a terrible cook, so I usually eat out with friends.

— Moby

If I have to get into a bikini, then I eat carrot sticks for three days.

— Margot Robbie

If I eat clean, I look 10 years younger.

— Mariska Hargitay

There are lots of things I won’t eat but would like to, such as croissants or ice cream – if I started, I’d scoff the whole tub.

— Marie Helvin

Some days I do well and I eat really healthfully. But I don’t think we should deprive ourselves of anything, so some days I indulge and give in to cravings.

— Martina McBride

Apparently, as a kid, I used to eat spiders. Maybe there’s some Freudian significance behind that.

— Matt Smith

I’m technically a vegan, but I do eat egg if it’s in things.

— Mayim Bialik

Being from Baltimore, I’m a crab cake snob, and I’m very particular on where I eat my crab cakes.

— Mark Teixeira

Pigs eat grass if they are very hungry, but they can’t use it as a regular source of food.

— Marvin Harris

Human beings do not eat nutrients, they eat food.

— Mary Catherine Bateson

I won’t eat anything that has intelligent life, but I’d gladly eat a network executive or a politician.

— Marty Feldman

At restaurants, I try to tell them not to bring the bread basket, but what’s the point of going out to eat if I can’t enjoy it?

— Natalie Morales

I like to eat meals I will remember. Otherwise, what’s the point?

— Nancy Meyers

My rule is: If I can eat it, I can put it on my skin.

— Nikki Reed

If people knew how KFC treats its chickens, they’d never eat another drumstick.

— Pamela Anderson

I dress and eat like a fifth-grader, basically. I like sandwiches and cereal and hooded sweatshirts.

— Peter Dinklage

When I used to do the Edinburgh Festival, there was a bunch of guys selling fresh oysters and I’d eat ten daily – marvellous.

— Paul Merton

I was a really picky eater as a child. Because I was obsessed by Popeye, my mum and aunts would put my food in a can to represent spinach and we’d hum the Popeye tune and then I’d happily eat it.

— Paul O’Grady

I can eat beef, provided it’s minced in disguise. I couldn’t eat a gammon steak. Forget it.

— Paul O’Grady

I cook croquetas, and I eat jamon. I keep my diet 100% Mediterranean and drink my Rioja. In that sense, I have a piece of Spain in West Hollywood.

— Paz Vega

If I shoot it, I’m gonna eat it.

— Paul Broun

Brighton gives me the heebie-jeebies. When I’m near the seafront I can’t sleep, I can’t eat.

— Paul McGann

In theory, I stick to how I could eat if I lived a thousand years ago. I take processed foods off the menu, and stick to things I could hunt or gather, with more fruits, vegetables, and nuts – and less meat.

— Parker Young

I don’t eat green things, no vegetables.

— Preet Bharara

People did not even then like to eat dirt, if they could see it.

— Oliver Evans

As soon as I get home, all I want to eat is seafood.

— Quvenzhane Wallis

Ninety percent of what we wear, we eat, we consume is carried by ships… Container ships carry a vast amount of stuff.

— Rose George

If God hadn’t meant for us to eat sugar, he wouldn’t have invented dentists.

— Ralph Nader

I wouldn’t eat a hamburger for 40,000 dollars.

— River Phoenix

I have my mother’s hips. The minute I eat it, it ends up on my hips.

— Robert Herjavec

If my businesses or my investments are not profitable, then I don’t eat. And I like to eat.

— Robert Kiyosaki

I am pretty much gluten-free I barely ever eat bread, and the only dairy I eat is Greek yogurt and goat cheese.

— Ronda Rousey

It sounds awful and sort of goody two-shoes, but I never eat between meals.

— Ruth Rendell

I don’t like to be a preacher or anything, but the one thing that I’ve learned is that you truly are what you eat.

— Ruben Studdard

It was terrible on dates, because I could never eat when I was on a date.

— Robert Barnes

We eat, therefore we hunt.

— Sarah Palin

I eat well, and I exercise.

— Seth Rogen

I love raw cookie dough, right out of the tube. The other thing I eat is marshmallow fluff.

— Sandra Bullock

I used to dirt bike a lot. I can’t do that anymore. Can’t eat a whole lot of chocolate anymore, either. I can’t be in ‘Indiana Jones’ and be a fatso!

— Shia LaBeouf

We do as much, we eat as much, we want as much.

— Sojourner Truth

When I’m on a location, I pick a restaurant that’s close and private and eat all my meals there.

— Sylvester Stallone

I eat all the time, and I run all the time.

— Sam Taylor-Johnson

If we eat any food, or drink any beverage, we must recite a blessing over them before and after.

— Shmuel Yosef Agnon

Closed mouths don’t get fed, and I’m gonna eat every time I get on the court.

— Shabazz Muhammad

Diets are rubbish. I eat healthily, and often have a day when I stuff myself.

— Trinny Woodall

I love to eat makhanas, and I always keep a packet in my car.

— Twinkle Khanna

Kids will eat anything, won’t they?

— Tim Curry

In the animal kingdom, the rule is, eat or be eaten in the human kingdom, define or be defined.

— Thomas Szasz

I will eat anything Mexican – a sombrero, hacienda… anything. They’ve perfected the combo of bread items and the grill.

— Tom DeLonge

I always had a thin frame, but when you hit 40 and eat french fries three days in a row, it’s like, ‘What happened?’

— Tracee Ellis Ross

When I eat biscuits, I also eat grits.

— Taylor Hicks

I eat almonds professionally, and I can’t get enough of Yerbe Mate Cranberry Synergy Kombucha!

— Tessa Thompson

I eat apples whole, seeds and all… yes, like a horse.

— Trevor Donovan

If you don’t have my army supplied, and keep it supplied, we’ll eat your mules up, sir.

— William Tecumseh Sherman

An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.

— Winston Churchill

As an emotional eater, I eat to soothe.

— Valerie Bertinelli

My dad loves to eat, and he loves everything I make!

— Venus Williams

When it comes to literal nourishment, the food we eat, life begets life.

— Victoria Moran

We eat pretty healthy foods, and I’ve taught my kids since they were little about knocking out trans fats.

— Victoria Osteen

I’m a Scorpio, and Scorpios eat themselves out and burn themselves up like me.

— Vivien Leigh

I was kosher until I had my Bar Mitzvah, and I parlayed officially becoming a man into telling my father I wanted to eat cheeseburgers.

— Zach Braff
Eating Quotes

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