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I think everyone is born 100 percent ego, and after that it’s just adjustment.

— Agnes Martin

The ego is kind of a big, unwieldy thing. It’s not so easily tamed or subdued.

— Alan Ball

My strength as a singer is my versatility. I find it really frustrating when I’m only expected to show off. The music industry is awash with female acrobats. What happens to the song, and treating it for its sake and not as an ego example?

— Alison Moyet

I do have an ego, but I acknowledge the help I get.

— Anton Corbijn

When you see things upside down, the ego can be extraordinarily funny it’s absurd. But it’s tragic at the same time.

— Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

I think at all social networks, be it Facebook or Twitter or whatever it is, there’s an ecosystem that exist there. But there’s also an ego system that exists there.

— Ashton Kutcher

I think one of the interesting things about poker is that once you let your ego in, you’re done for.

— Al Alvarez

An actor is totally vulnerable. His total personality is exposed to critical judgment – his intellect, his bearing, his diction, his whole appearance. In short, his ego.

— Alec Guinness

Usually, new producers and writers want to put their stamp on a show. They don’t want to continue what’s working. They want to reinvent the wheel. It’s an ego thing.

— Anthony Geary

Chess and me, it’s hard to take them apart. It’s like my alter ego.

— Bobby Fischer

Don’t let a lack of big company names on your resume get you down, but also, don’t let it feed a Silicon Valley ego. Oftentimes, the best candidates come from startups or smaller companies. It shows they are open to risk and can keep up with the long hours and occasional harsh demands.

— Brit Morin

In America they like my spicy TV alter ego, probably because there were a lot of Italians and Hispanics in the country, but the real L.A. life is a hard-working one.

— Bruno Tonioli

Lying increases the creative faculties, expands the ego, and lessens the frictions of social contacts.

— Clare Boothe Luce

Avoid having your ego so close to your position that when your position falls, your ego goes with it.

— Colin Powell

Don’t let your ego get too close to your position, so that if your position gets shot down, your ego doesn’t go with it.

— Colin Powell

All my ego wants is to be sitting by a lake in Italy. It doesn’t want to be backstage, warming up.

— Chet Faker

Am I an ego on legs? No I am not. Do I want to be seen out there all the time saying everything? No, I don’t.

— Catherine Ashton

The great thing with film is that it doesn’t have an ego. It’s just a film. Everybody that makes them has an ego, and the problem with awards and stuff like that is that it always affects the egos, and everyone gets stained by it in some way. And that can be fine and very innocent, but it can be horrible as well.

— Danny Boyle

Beneath the surface of your ego’s insatiable cravings, your authentic desires are waiting patiently for you to acknowledge, claim and express them.

— Debbie Ford

After years of doing it, you learn the difference between your ego and your opinion. When you’re married you have to cut through that.

— Dan Castellaneta

I don’t need to beat Faber, because his ego will always beat him. He’s got excuses for every loss he’s ever had.

— Dominick Cruz

To have a little recognition, that is very nice, you dig. It is good for the ego, for the psyche.

— Dexter Gordon

The personal ego already has a strong element of dysfunction, but the collective ego is, frequently, even more dysfunctional, to the point of absolute insanity.

— Eckhart Tolle

Because of its phantom nature, and despite elaborate defense mechanisms, the ego is very vulnerable and insecure, and it sees itself as constantly under threat. This, by the way, is the case even if the ego is outwardly very confident.

— Eckhart Tolle

If you get conquered by ego, then you are losing the fight.

— Edgar Ramirez

I’ve got a big ego, I admit it I’m ego-driven.

— Eli Broad

People come into public life for different reasons. None of us are ego-challenged, I think, or we probably wouldn’t be doing what we’re doing, so if anyone tells you that they don’t like the sound of the applause and the ego gratification, I don’t think they’re being straight with you.

— Evan Bayh

It’s very good for you, riding. You know how every model is like, ‘I do yoga.’ Well, I find horses to have the same effect, in that you have to put your ego aside and concentrate on making the horse do the things you want it to do, and move in the way you want it to move – particularly if you’re doing dressage.

— Edie Campbell

I’m not one of those women writers who are obsessed by their ego, possibly because I don’t have one.

— Elfriede Jelinek

In a novel, I could submerge my ego in a character’s and let his perceptions take over.

— Elizabeth Moon

I’m not over-enamored of complicated books, and wonder if it’s more for the author’s ego than anything else?

— Eric Hill

If I hadn’t become a golfer, I doubt I’d be wealthy, because I don’t have the sort of ego that drives a person all day long. I might have wound up driving a tractor.

— Fuzzy Zoeller

I’m very competitive, and my ego couldn’t handle that lack of success.

— Gavin DeGraw

Discerning the will of God is a very tricky thing, partly because, you know, the little voice in my head can either be God’s voice or it can be my own ego doing a magnificent impression of God’s voice.

— Gene Robinson

If you want to be popular and famous, you can do it it’s dead easy if you have that ego desire. But most of my ego desires as far as being famous and successful were fulfilled a long time ago.

— George Harrison

Everyone in Kiss is replaceable. My ego will tell you that I am not, but that’s not so.

— Gene Simmons

The whole business is built on ego, vanity, self-satisfaction, and it’s total crap to pretend it’s not.

— George Michael

I know that I sound self-satisfied, and I know that I’ve got an ego, but I don’t have an ego problem.

— George Michael

With the hugely talented women I’ve worked with or observed, it’s not a question about temperament or ego it’s a question about getting it right. If they’ve got a reputation for being difficult it’s usually because they just don’t suffer fools.

— Glenn Close

One may understand the cosmos, but never the ego the self is more distant than any star.

— Gilbert K. Chesterton

The minute you start compromising for the sake of massaging somebody’s ego, that’s it, game over.

— Gordon Ramsay

There are so many things to take into account – your ambition, your ego, the press, the consumers. You can never be sure that you’ll be on top of the pile again.

— Giorgio Armani

All athletes speak about the mental element of athletics, and it usually boils down to the same thing: if you can remove your ego from the game, you can function with much more clarity and you are more likely to succeed. Wouldn’t it be interesting if we all began speaking about the mental element of our lives in this way?

— Garth Stein

I’m a straight shooter, and most of the time my ego doesn’t interrupt my relationships.

— Gabriel Macht

I have a big ego, and I’m a confident person, but when it comes down to being a jerk, that doesn’t work for me, I tried it… for about ten years.

— Harry Connick, Jr.

I’m not a hopeless romantic. I’m quite the reverse. I’m a nasty piece of work, an ego maniac.

— Hugh Grant

It’s hard to look inside a person to answer a question about why anybody wants to be president. I suppose a combination of ambition, ego, and a real feeling that he could make a difference and could accomplish some things. All you ever had to do for Jimmy Carter was to tell him something was impossible, and he would usually do it.

— Hamilton Jordan

The smallest wound or pain of the ego is examined under a microscope as if it were of eternal importance. The artist considers his isolation, his subjectivity, his individualism almost holy.

— Ingmar Bergman

You’ve got to know what your ‘thing’ is, and you’ve got to call it a ‘thing,’ whether it’s meanness, nastiness, un-forgiveness, arrogance, ego, resistance, rebelliousness or defiance. Everybody’s got a ‘thing,’ and once you call your ‘thing’ a ‘thing,’ we can give it a place to be or dismiss it.

— Iyanla Vanzant

Nations have their ego, just like individuals.

— James Joyce

You can be committed to somebody because of ego: ‘I said I was going to be with this joker for the rest of my life, so I’m just going to do it.’ Or you can be committed because you have a deeply rooted connection.

— Jada Pinkett Smith

The best, very best scammers will always ask for your advice. This is their favorite technique. It makes them vulnerable. It flatters your ego.

— James Altucher

I don’t want the giant ego. I don’t want to become Kevin Costner, singing on the soundtrack to The Postman.

— Joss Whedon

I get recognized just often enough to keep my ego bouncing along, but not so much that I can’t go places.

— Joss Whedon

The first movie, I was 23 I thought I knew everything, but my ego soon took an irrevocable blow.

— James Gray

My ego’s not the kind that says, ‘I want to be an actor and be accepted as that.’

— Joe Namath

Fighting in the ring or cage is very much different from fighting in the street. Fighting in the street is very much fueled by anger, pride, and male dominance and ego.

— Joel Edgerton

To say it very honestly, removed from ego, standup is just a thing that I understood, a God-given ability.

— Jerrod Carmichael

Good writers are often excellent at a hundred other things, but writing promises a greater latitude for the ego.

— John Cheever

Having one’s image, and effectively, life, democratized, dehumanizes and sometimes objectifies it into an entertainment product. What sort of valuation of the ego would one have once you’ve let it been preyed upon by the public for years and years? Perhaps, it becomes truly just skin and bones.

— Jack Gleeson

When my writing career took off, it was pretty easy to keep my ego in check because old-school martial arts isn’t about ego gratification. It’s about maintaining a balanced view of the world and your place in it.

— Jonathan Maberry

I have to tell you, you can’t have an ego when you’re an actor. A lot of actors have them, but in reality most of those people are just sensitive artists dying for a hug and a compliment.

— Josh Brolin

I knew if I had to struggle, I couldn’t struggle in New York. My ego was too big for it. I couldn’t be a guy who is starving when I had a very successful business when I was young.

— Jeremy Luke

It’s good that I put my personal ego aside. My basketball ego was, ‘Why we negotiating?’ But my personal ego didn’t take it personal. I put my personal ego aside a little bit.

— Lamar Odom

The rules are: The only ego is the film, and you have to serve the film.

— Lee Daniels

When a director you admire says that he wants to work with you, it’s always a compliment, very good for your ego.

— Lea Seydoux

Oh, there’s so much ego with men in their head, they can’t possibly think about Tesco’s when they are doing Othello. Er, why not? They want to think that they are such geniuses they can’t muddy their day with domesticity, and I’ve got no truck with it whatsoever.

— Lesley Manville

Fabio kept asking me out, but I knew we’d never get his ego through the door.

— Lorna Luft

It was 100 percent music. There was no ego involved, no attitudes, no black and white, it was pure music.

— Lee Konitz

If my ego was out of whack and I believed I could carry anything off, that would be a stupid risk. But so far there’s been no reason not to try anything.

— Kathleen Turner

When it is working, you completely go into another place, you’re tapping into things that are totally universal, completely beyond your ego and your own self. That’s what it’s all about.

— Keith Haring

I listen to all the top 20 songs, and top 20 albums, even the rap albums. But I don’t like negative messages. If somebody is putting a lot of ego out there, I don’t like it. When I make my records I want it to be sincere.

— Kenny G

I’m aware that, from the outside, this looks like I’ve got quite an ego.

— Kevin Spacey

Hollywood is so governed by the ego, and I never wanted to fall into that trap.

— Kimberly Elise

I think my biggest problem was, as a celebrity on a TV show, you get an inflated ego and you think you’re the center of the universe.

— Kirk Cameron

I think I have a better sense of my weaknesses – being self-important, selfish and having a big ego probably triggers all the other stuff. I can see myself more clearly.

— K. D. Lang

To be successful, you really have to put your ego in the background and try to be diplomatic to achieve what you want to achieve.

— Ken Adam

I never read reviews – I never have. I’ve never read message boards, either. I’m just not interested in it in any way – I’m not interested in it inflating my ego, and I’m not interested in it improving my self-worth. So, I don’t read them.

— Kate Levering

What is it in you that brings you to a spiritual teacher in the first place? It’s not the spirit in you, since that is already enlightened, and has no need to seek. No, it is the ego in you that brings you to a teacher.

— Ken Wilber

Jesus is a personal symbol of the Holy Spirit. Having been totally healed by the Holy Spirit, Jesus became one with him. Every thought, action, and deed of Jesus was guided by the Holy Spirit instead of ego.

— Marianne Williamson

What I hate is that not many people admit to having a big ego, but you have to – and there’s nothing wrong with it.

— Marina and the Diamonds

As the ego cogito, subjectivity is the consciousness that represents something, relates this representation back to itself, and so gathers with itself.

— Martin Heidegger

You’ve got to recognize, there will never be another you. It has nothing to do with ego it happens to be the truth. There will never be another person the same. There’ll never be another you.

— Mickey Rooney

Rush Limbaugh’s pathetic abuse of logic, his absurd pomposity, his relentless self-promotion, his ridiculous ego – now those, friends, are appropriate targets for satire.

— Molly Ivins

The ultimate aim of the ego is not to see something, but to be something.

— Muhammad Iqbal

A wrong concept misleads the understanding a wrong deed degrades the whole man, and may eventually demolish the structure of the human ego.

— Muhammad Iqbal

I like the fact that when you’re put into a really extreme situation, you put everything else aside. You put your ego aside and get on with it, and I quite like that.

— Maisie Williams

Actors are a lot like professors on dissertation committees – it’s a lot of ego, a lot of rallying for position, there is a lot at stake in every single interaction.

— Mayim Bialik

Art is based on emotion, but being macho is based on ego the wall protecting that emotion.

— Miguel

I’m an athlete I’ve got an ego when stunt doubles have to come in. Not an ego like that, but when it comes to physical stuff, if I didn’t have to have a stunt double, I would always probably do it myself unless the producers were jumping in and stopping me.

— Michael B. Jordan

I get pretty terrified, to be honest, when I’m on tour. You really have to muster a lot of ego to go our there, which I find rather draining.

— Michael Hutchence

It’s really important to create something, like with my creations as a musician. Just let it flow. Focus on how to deliver message to audience. Don’t get ego.

— Miyavi

I hope I don’t have a big ego. I try to keep that in check. But I am a prideful person, I will say.

— Natalie Maines

When it comes to doing my job, I keep my ego in my handbag.

— Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala

I think you see more of like, the party side of me, which I call Snooki, it’s kind of my alter ego.

— Nicole Polizzi

I have such an ego ’cause I’m a double Leo. I can’t let go of me, you know, so it’s very difficult for me to be somebody else and not me. I’m so into me.

— Paul Mooney

I hated improvisation because in my early days as an actor, improvisation meant somebody had just come down from Oxford and they were doing a play above a pub in Kentish Town, and the biggest ego would win.

— Peter Capaldi

As you get older, there’s a loosening of the ties to the ego and the posturing of who you are and how you behave.

— Pierce Brosnan

There must be an alternative between Hollywood and New York, between those two places psychically as well as geographically. The University of Iowa tries to offer such a community, congenial to the young writer, with his uneasiness about writing as an honorable career, or with his excess of ego about calling himself a writer.

— Paul Engle

I don’t have much of an ego, but I have a great deal of confidence!

— Raymond Burr

I know what Twitter is I don’t use it. I don’t use Facebook, so luckily, it does zero to my ego.

— Richard C. Armitage

Anyone driving great social change, willingly or not, is going to be a fascinating contradictory mix of idealism and ego.

— Riz Ahmed

That which comes and goes, rises and sets, is born and dies is the ego. That which always abides, never changes, and is devoid of qualities is the Self.

— Ramana Maharshi

My ego is really good. I don’t need to watch myself on TV, like some others.

— Randy Jackson

Everyone in showbiz is driven by ego, so how do you go from having loads of fame to working at 7-11? You can’t do it!

— Ryan Seacrest

The ego is there, but I’m learning to channel it.

— Ridley Scott

Guys need attention. They need that nourishment, that little stroke of the ego that gets them by every now and then.

— Rihanna

I’m constantly doing new stuff, and I want it to be received really well. Who knows what’s ego, what’s business, what’s artistic. It all shifts on a day-to-day basis.

— Robbie Williams

I have a gigantic ego and need to be at the top of the pile and be doing amazingly well also, at the same time, I’m just pleased to be anywhere.

— Robbie Williams

Goals must never be from your ego, but problems that cry for a solution.

— Robert H. Schuller

A guy is a lump like a doughnut. So, first you gotta get rid of all the stuff his mom did to him. And then you gotta get rid of all that macho crap that they pick up from beer commercials. And then there’s my personal favorite, the male ego.

— Roseanne Barr

If you want to build an open source project, you can’t let your ego stand in the way. You can’t rewrite everybody’s patches, you can’t second-guess everybody, and you have to give people equal control.

— Rasmus Lerdorf

I’ve always loved movies and animation. When I was little, I was always pretending to be some alter ego superhero. For years it was Ultraman, ninjas, Spiderman and other cool super heroes.

— Ryan Potter

My career is based primarily upon finding a balance with a director and their vision, and that means sublimating my own personal ego toward their material.

— Robert Richardson

I guess it’s a kind of a goal for any actor to be the lead of a movie. Not for ego reasons, but because it is creatively the biggest challenge.

— Seth Rogen

Every normal person, in fact, is only normal on the average. His ego approximates to that of the psychotic in some part or other and to a greater or lesser extent.

— Sigmund Freud

There’s a degree of narcissism involved in anything in show business. I mean, you can’t do it without a healthy ego. Why would you want anybody to listen to you?

— Stephen Colbert

Of course I have an ego, but you have to have an ego. You have to be incredibly competitive. I can get competitive at times, way too much, and it becomes a little bit obsessive.

— Simon Cowell

Ego, id, and superego are terms familiar to all, but for many years, Freud’s psychoanalytic theory has thrived in English departments around the country as a tool for interpreting literary texts but has rarely, if ever, been discussed in science departments.

— Siri Hustvedt

Comedians… they’re different from actors. There’s more ego there. They create the whole thing, I guess, so they’re more precious.

— Sharon Horgan

Confidence is one of those things that no one ever wants to talk about in this industry because confidence and ego run neck and neck. But you have to understand, those are things that you have to have in order to make it to where Edge has made it. You’ve got to have a certain amount of ego and confidence in yourself to get there.

— Shawn Michaels

I have no ego, I’ll make fun of myself, and I’ll make fun of being humiliated. I get it.

— Selma Blair

As a writer, I always try as hard as possible to get out of the way of the story, so maybe that’s the most important thing my readers should know – I’m all about the story, not about the ego.

— Simon Toyne

I learned the hard way that people are quick to judge, will jump at the chance of a cheap ego boost at another’s expense.

— Sharon Bolton

If somebody’s offering you a $400 million company at the age of 29, I’ve got the ego to say, ‘I’d like a shot at that.’

— Stanley R. Jaffe

My ego thinks I would like to be considered for more heavyweight roles, but the price you pay for that is they are always the same kind of roles.

— Steffan Rhodri

I’m not a big fan of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It’s just a personal thing, not an ego thing.

— Steve Perry

It’s very clearly stated in the film: You make your own choices, and what you’re always fighting is ego.

— Taylor Hackford

I’m not in front of the camera, they are. I encourage them I build up as much of their confidence and ego as possible. They’ve got to take control I can’t act it out.

— Taylor Hackford

Today self-consciousness no longer means anything but reflection on the ego as embarrassment, as realization of impotence: knowing that one is nothing.

— Theodor Adorno

Usually, autobiography is such an indulgence of the ego.

— Tom Robbins

There are journalists who are drawn to the most extroverted, aggressive jobs because they get an ego high from it. It can be shocking to encounter them and even worse to work with them.

— Tom Rachman

You can either be a host to God, or a hostage to your ego. It’s your call.

— Wayne Dyer

Ambition is to be the fastest runner on this planet, to be the first on the South Pole, which is a grotesque perversion of ambition. It’s an ego trip, and I’m not on an ego trip. I don’t have ambitions – I have a vision.

— Werner Herzog

A key to my thinking has always been the almost fanatical belief that what I was engaged in was a literary art form. That belief was compounded out of ego and necessity, I guess, a combination of the two.

— Will Eisner

I used to get some ego thing out of saying I wasn’t a star, just an actress. Forget it. I’m a star. I wanted it. I worked for it. I got it.

— Valerie Harper

The best came from my martial arts teacher, who also taught Elvis. He said, ‘Your ego will get you killed.’

— William Sanderson

In the process of ego, in the process of lobbying and in the process of just criticising for stake of criticism or in the process of politicising, don’t commit national crime. Don’t prevent exploration in the country. Let us move ahead more aggressively it is in the best interest of the country.

— Veerappa Moily

I fed my ego, but not my soul.

— Yakov Smirnoff
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