Luck Quotes

I love cereals. We must have 10 to 15 boxes. But if I’m being honest, I have Fruit Loops and Lucky Charms hidden behind the healthier ones.

— Aerin Lauder

It’s a marvellous life, a gregarious life that we’ve had. We’re very lucky in that way. Unlike writers or painters, we don’t sit down in front of a blank canvas and say, ‘How do I start? Where do I start?’

— Albert Finney

I was lucky because when I’d done ‘Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief,’ I had to have extensive weapons training.

— Alexandra Daddario

I feel very lucky ‘Arrested Development’ was so successful because I never really got too much attention, and I was able to evolve instead of only being seen as one character.

— Alia Shawkat

One is lucky to be born in a place where no one is doing it, because then you can say, ‘Well, obviously I can write better than everyone else in high school.’ You have no idea of the competition.

— Alice Munro

Every person is so different and I don’t think there is an exact match for every person. If you meet someone and they have 20 of the 25 things you want in a person, then you’re pretty lucky.

— Amanda Bynes

I don’t know if there is someone for everyone. Every person is so different and I don’t think there is an exact match for every person. If you meet someone and they have 20 of the 25 things you want in a person, then you’re pretty lucky.

— Amanda Bynes

You know, I’ve kind of been lucky enough to always work with established actors or big names or people that are really popular or infamous for doing what they do and doing it well, I guess.

— Amber Heard

My training really was at the ‘New York Times,’ you know. When I got there, I was literally supposed to stay there for five weeks, and I got lucky like nobody, you know, like nobody’s business.

— Andrew Ross Sorkin

With photography, you are lucky if you get people to look at your pictures at some point. There’s no formal way to show them.

— Anton Corbijn

I’ve been very lucky with the roles that I’ve played in that they were wonderful roles for women. They’re incredible, flawed characters that I really gravitate toward. I just never want anybody to be able to put me in a box.

— Anya Taylor-Joy

People lucky enough to live in the vicinity of an industrial hog farm are, with each breath, made keenly aware of the cause of their declining property values.

— Al Franken

Money makes your life easier. If you’re lucky to have it, you’re lucky.

— Al Pacino

I will say this: Boy, did I get lucky to work with Matt Drudge and Arianna Huffington.

— Andrew Breitbart

You’re the luckiest person in the entire world if you know what you really want to do, which I was lucky enough to know when I was very young. And you’re the luckiest person in the world if you can then make a living out of it.

— Andrew Lloyd Webber

Nobody ever thinks that the work they’re going to do could ever be bigger than the one they do before, especially if you’re lucky enough like I had to have such a huge thing as ‘Phantom’ was.

— Andrew Lloyd Webber

I was lucky enough at Stanford to have Vic Fangio as the defensive coordinator for a year, and then Jason Tarver.

— Andrew Luck

I didn’t get old on purpose, it just happened. If you’re lucky, it could happen to you.

— Andy Rooney

At German unification, we were lucky to get so much help from West Germany. Now, we have the good fortune of being able to help each other in Europe.

— Angela Merkel

I didn’t come from the worst of situations, and I didn’t come into the best of situations. But I’ve appreciated the best situations. And I’ve made the best of the worst situations. I’m lucky to be where I am.

— Ashton Kutcher

I’ve been lucky. Opportunities don’t often come along. So, when they do, you have to grab them.

— Audrey Hepburn

Anytime I get to help the firefighters, I will. I’m real lucky to be in a position to help.

— Adam Ferrara

Thankfully, I’m lucky enough to be able to eat ice cream. I’ve got to have my cookies and cream! But I work out a lot, so I burn a lot of calories.

— Adrian Peterson

I’m not just going to go back to my bedroom, get a job and ‘get real with myself’ – come on. I’m already too old, and I’m lucky to have a job at all.

— Ariel Pink

I tell people Baltimore is lucky to be rid of the Colts, they’re so lousy, but I don’t mean it.

— Art Donovan

I just finished ‘Butter’ for Weinstein, a comedy with this incredible cast – Hugh Jackman, Olivia Wilde, Alicia Silverstone – all-star cast and it was a fun set to be on. I’ve gotten really lucky to get all these down-to-earth cast members. ‘Butter’ is about butter carving in Iowa.

— Ashley Greene

Everyone in Hollywood wanted a role in this movie. Everyone wanted to have a part in it. I feel so lucky that I got one, but what I find so cool about ‘Hunger Games’ is that the real star is the story itself.

— Alexander Ludwig

When I was a young boy I wanted to play for Newcastle United, I wanted to wear the number nine shirt and I wanted to score goals at St James’ Park. I’ve lived my dream and I realise how lucky I’ve been to have done that.

— Alan Shearer

Every time I write a song I feel really lucky and kind of surprised. Not surprised that I wrote it, but just surprised that things exist that you don’t know about.

— Amos Lee

I think you end up on the lucky side, or you don’t.

— Adrian Nicole LeBlanc

Well, I came the second year. I mean I just fit right in. They wrote a great person and I’m so lucky that I got to be part of the family.

— Aida Turturro

You know, I always say this – As an actor, we’re lucky to get a job. Then we’re lucky that anybody gives a damn to watch the thing that we’re in.

— Alicia Coppola

I always say this – As an actor, we’re lucky to get a job. Then we’re lucky that anybody gives a damn to watch the thing that we’re in.

— Alicia Coppola

Life is not just one thing life is a lot of things, and I think I’ve been lucky to do that.

— Ally Walker

I feel like it has gone very fast for me, but I feel like it wasn’t instantaneous, at all. I was getting a lot of rejections. I just got very lucky and it happened quickly for me. I don’t feel like I’m a prodigy or something.

— Anthony Doerr

If you don’t get killed, it’s a lucky day for anybody.

— Abraham Polonsky

Seven is a lucky number, so I plan to do a lot of lucky things with my seventh place title.

— Anwar Robinson

I’m lucky with my skin – it doesn’t require a lot of attention, so I keep things simple. And I drink a lot of water.

— Arizona Muse

If I get lucky and I can choose, I would always choose a really good story and screenplay, even if I don’t know the director. If there’s a good screenplay, there’s a chance that something good is going to happen.

— Ayelet Zurer

Essentially, I’m a small-part actor who’s been lucky enough to play leading roles for most of his life.

— Alec Guinness

Individually the poor are not too tempting to thieves, for obvious reasons. Mug a banker and you might score a wallet containing a month’s rent. Mug a janitor and you will be lucky to get away with bus fare to flee the crime scene.

— Barbara Ehrenreich

I’ve been very lucky, and therefore I owe it to try and reduce the inequity in the world. And that’s kind of a religious belief. I mean, it’s at least a moral belief.

— Bill Gates

I’m so lucky because I get to have all of these memories. I can have all of those pictures and different sorts of films and stuff. Some people have only one photo, and I’m really glad that I have all of that.

— Bindi Irwin

I’m lucky enough to lead a very active life, so I’m always on the go.

— Blake Lively

We’ve been really lucky. We’ve gotten a lot of airplay over the years. I guess people keep requesting our songs on the radio, because Lord knows I don’t do a whole lot to promote myself.

— Bob Seger

My mother gets told, ‘Oh, you’re so lucky that your daughters are doing so well.’ She never corrects anybody when they assume Helen is her daughter.

— Bonnie Hunt

I advise wannabe singers to form a band, practise in your garage if you have to, but do as many charity or open mic shows as possible to get experience. I sang for seven years before getting a record deal, and I was already loving what I was doing. I just got lucky and got discovered.

— Bonnie Tyler

With news, especially investigative pieces, you’ve got to be really smart and really lucky to be timely and to not get beaten by the big guys. You can’t go head-to-head with the networks.

— Bill Kurtis

I was such a nerd, a complete geek, but then I was lucky enough to have a fancy career, where I can be like ‘See, I’m not a nerd. Look, I’m in ‘Vogue.’

— Brooke Shields

My parents would never throw the kids in first class for the flights they’d be up front, and we’d be economy – we knew we were lucky just to be travelling.

— Bryce Dallas Howard

My making it is a combination of grinding, grinding, grinding and being lucky enough to finally get a shot.

— Busta Rhymes

Among those people lucky enough, if you will, to have actually been brought to trial as a political prisoner, several historians have said there has not been one acquittal since the Bolshevik Revolution.

— Barbara Amiel

What we aspired to in 1998, we have wildly surpassed. And I know we all feel incredibly grateful and lucky this band has been able to have the life that it’s had.

— Ben Gibbard

I didn’t know when I was growing up that this was a very special program, that this wasn’t going on in other parts of the country. Now I realize that I was lucky.

— Benny Green

If you look around, there are very few really super quarterbacks. There are just very few. If you’re lucky enough to have one, lucky enough that one of these Andrew Lucks is available when you have the top pick, then that’s just a matter of luck. You can’t attribute that to anything else.

— Bob McNair

We are really very lucky to have so many fantastic brands. But to grow them we should not be too much in a hurry. They are growing fast, but they have to grow accordingly to the market and to the capacity we have to deliver good products.

— Bernard Arnault

I’m formally trained, I don’t know what classically trained really means. I’ve worked with Sanford Meisner. And I’ve worked at Circle Rep with Marshall W. Mason and Lanford Wilson and some really good people. I was lucky. I had a lot of really good influences.

— Brad Dourif

When we go out to the university, the professors always say, ‘Tell these students about your five-year plan and your 10-year plan,’ and I say, ‘Gee, we’re lucky if we have a year plan.’

— Bruce Nordstrom

American writers, at least those of us who are fortunate enough to support ourselves in the field, are by and large a lucky lot.

— Bryan Burrough

I’m incredibly lucky that my profession allows me to be where I choose, really.

— Cate Blanchett

I’m happy being an actor, it’s what I have always wanted to do. I’m just lucky I got to do it so early.

— Charlie Hunnam

I’ve been so lucky to have done two spacewalks. If you looked at your wristwatch, I was outside about 15 hours, which is about 10 times around the world. And, you know, there’s a whole time dilation, distortion thing.

— Chris Hadfield

As a kid, you run around the house pretending to be a superhero, and now to be doing it as a job, I feel very lucky.

— Chris Hemsworth

If you’re lucky enough to draw a good horse, you still have to ride him, then the next ones.

— Chris LeDoux

Everybody has to be a little lucky, I think.

— Christopher Walken

I don’t carry lucky charms, but I believe in those things.

— Christopher Walken

I’ve always felt that if I examine myself too much, I’ll find out what I know and don’t know, and I’ll burst the bubble. I’ve gotten so lucky relying on my animal instincts, I’d rather keep a little bit of the animal alive.

— Clint Eastwood

There’s many times this year I’ve sat back and thought, I’m making a living from making things up. It’s the only skill I have so I’ve been really lucky.

— Colin Mochrie

When I first lived in a model apartment… It was two bunk beds to a room, and the bathroom was constantly in use. I was bringing in Lucky Charms cereal, and one day an agent put a stop to that. She said, ‘You’re making all the girls fat.’ They took it off our grocery order. That was the most dramatic thing that happened.

— Cameron Russell

I’ve never felt more comfortable in my skin, I’ve never enjoyed life as much and I feel so lucky.

— Candice Bergen

American actresses have more problems than I do I’m lucky to be able to play what I want for a smaller audience, because I have my own country to do that in.

— Carice van Houten

I loved doing ‘Countdown.’ I now consider that I was very, very lucky – not just because it was such a wonderful show to do, but because it lasted for so long.

— Carol Vorderman

I enjoyed school, I was a bit of a square. I did very well in exams. I was quite lucky I was academic.

— Cat Deeley

I should only have been as lucky as Valentino, in the movies – I didn’t have to be a gigolo. In real life.

— Cesar Romero

I’m just so lucky – my office is a racetrack. That is something I’m very thankful for. It’s exciting, and it’s challenging, and there are a lot of emotions and nerves that come with it, but right there before the gates open, before that minute and a half or two minutes of the race, it just hits you.

— Chantal Sutherland

I don’t sing now, because I had polio when I was 15, bulbar polio. This was when the epidemic was happening. And I was lucky that it didn’t affect my lungs or my legs. It went to my face and kind of paralyzed my vocal chords, and I wasn’t able to sing. And they said I was very lucky that I would get over it, which I did.

— Charlie Haden

I’d like to find someone to procreate with – as sexy as that sounds. If you’re out and about and fit the description, come up and say hi. I won’t bite. Well, maybe a little, if you’re lucky.

— Chloe Sevigny

As for the herbal cigarettes, for the most part I don’t smoke as much as the guys do. I’m usually just strutting around a bit more so I don’t actually have to be inhaling it. I’m lucky because I do have scenes where the cigarettes work beautifully to punctuate certain things I’m saying.

— Christina Hendricks

I love my sculptures, and I was lucky I had them for 50 years because no one would look at them, and I really liked having them around.

— Cy Twombly

I’m not really premeditative in any way at all. I come up with an idea, hopefully for a film, and then I’m lucky enough to do the film.

— Christopher Guest

You’re lucky you had that when you were 20. I sure didn’t. I was overweight, and I had acne.

— Carly Simon

I’m lucky. Lord, I’m lucky.

— Carroll O’Connor

Don’t force yourself to write. Some people can write a novel in a few months, whereas for others it can take over a year. I’m lucky to be one of the former – but, even so, if I’m not in the mood to write, I won’t. I’ll go off, do something else and come back to it when I’m ready.

— Cecelia Ahern

I’ve played American, Italian, Greek, French. I’ve been really lucky that way.

— Chita Rivera

I have been very lucky, I have only had one bad experience.

— Chita Rivera

I started improvisation at age nine, and I loved it so much I stuck with it. As a by-product, acting was just something I was lucky enough to fall into.

— Cassie Steele

For an actor to have a role that they’re recognized and remembered for over the years, it’s unusual. It’s very lucky if it happens once – and it’s luck that it’s happened to me a couple of times.

— Curtis Armstrong

I considered myself very lucky after ‘Baghdad Cafe,’ and I have ‘The Shield.’ In every genre, I’ve kicked butt at some point. I’m real happy.

— C. C. H. Pounder

Hey, I was lucky twice. I know it’s three strikes and you’re out. I don’t think of myself as being invincible anymore.

— Curtis Sliwa

You know, if you’re lucky enough to have two smash hit shows, the traffic of the world goes through your dressing room.

— Carol Channing

For me, it’s all I’ve wanted to do. I did local plays and productions, local theater groups and anything that involved it. And then, I went and studied it, attended drama school and got my first lucky break in the theater in London, and just went from there.

— Colin Morgan

I get asked a lot what the key is to creating a hit show, and I have a standard answer: Do everything right, and then get lucky 10 ways.

— Christopher Lloyd

I’ve been very lucky, this is my 30th year on TV.

— Craig Charles

I’m lucky to be married to someone who entirely gets what I do. She is totally sympathetic to the actor’s life. Her own mother was an actress, so she sort of grew up with it.

— Dan Stevens

In the laughing times we know that we are lucky, and in the quiet times we know that we are blessed. And we will not be alone.

— Dar Williams

You’ve got to think lucky. If you fall into a mudhole, check your back pocket – you might have caught a fish.

— Darrell Royal

I think we’re lucky to be living when we are, because things are going to get worse.

— David Attenborough

Obviously, I’ve been very lucky in general in my career, but I feel that I’ve been very lucky in terms of having directors come along at the right times who have taken me to the next level of where I needed to be.

— Daniel Radcliffe

When you get as lucky as I got, you have to work as hard as possible to earn that luck.

— Daniel Radcliffe

I was lucky because I got so successful so early, and when you get successful early, then you can afford to be a little bit humble.

— Diane von Furstenberg

I’ve been quite lucky in that I’ve managed to tick off a few of my dream roles, really. Beyond that, you wait for the next script to come in that will have the dream role that you don’t know exists yet, I suppose.

— David Tennant

I was lucky enough to get to see guys like Bugs Henderson, Jimmy Wallace, all those great Texas blues players.

— Dimebag Darrell

There are a lot of us little gypsies out there that need to go and find another place you know. A safer, healthier or just a different venue in order to develop and find ourselves. I am so lucky to live the life that I do.

— Drew Barrymore

When anybody pays you to be creative, you’re very lucky.

— Donald Glover

I’ve been very lucky enough to do all kinds of movies. All the movies that I’ve done have been very different, and all the characters I’ve done have been very different. I feel very lucky to have been able to do the movies that I’ve done.

— Dakota Fanning

There are jobs that come along in your life, if you’re lucky enough, that elevate you in a considerable way. And ‘Homeland’ was definitely one of those jobs.

— Damian Lewis

Whining writers are a hideous sight we should really shut up, because we are lucky if we can cobble together a living from all of this.

— Deborah Moggach

I’m lucky. I have a high metabolism, so I pretty much eat anything and everything.

— Dennis Quaid

I’ve been so lucky – I worked with Jason Reitman twice, who has always been a really strong advocate for my voice, and has always really respected the scripts that I’ve brought him and is just the coolest.

— Diablo Cody

Growing up, my idols were Lucky Luke and Jolly Jumper. And Scottie Pippen.

— Dirk Nowitzki

I usually have a 13-hour workday. But at times, we get lucky when we wind up in 8 or 10 hours.

— Divyanka Tripathi

I was lucky enough to get a very good agent at the age of 15, and got my first film when I was 16, so it’s been rolling on since then.

— Douglas Booth

President Obama had a few historians at the White House for a couple of dinners. I was lucky enough to be one of those asked, and he was very interested in Ronald Reagan, and I came away feeling that.

— Douglas Brinkley

I’ve been lucky between ‘Buffy,’ ‘Angel,’ ‘Alias,’ and then ‘Lost.’ The thing they all have in common is that they were all fearless. They were not afraid to be different and try something different. Even if you didn’t know that it was going to work, just try to do something new and fresh.

— Drew Goddard

I realize what it means to be financially comfortable, and I want to be that. But I’m lucky enough to be in that position. And I’m also careful. I save 38 percent of my earnings after expenses, before taxes.

— David Duval

It’s a lucky child that knows that they’re a genius, unaimed and all that.

— Diana Wynne Jones

I’ve been getting pretty focused about that recently, and even considered doing a masters degree to polish up the craft. I’ve been pretty lucky in that I seem to have found people online who are willing to constructively tear it apart for me, and indicate its weaknesses.

— David Knopfler

I do feel like I’m in this lucky position where I can write something and people will read it, and I feel like I should say something that’s probably worth saying… I feel like it’s something worth saying, and one more person saying it is better.

— David Liss

If you can find one thing in your life that can keep you in the moment, you’re totally lucky.

— Dean Ween

I’m lucky that it’s about fashion and perfume and cosmetics. If my father had owned a tire company, I don’t know what I would have done.

— Delphine Arnault

I feel lucky that I always have a number of films to choose from. I would like to come out of my comfort zone while doing various roles, and I don’t want to keep repeating my characters.

— Dulquer Salmaan

On ‘Awake,’ we would take a couple hours per scene. Whereas on ‘Anger Management,’ we can take maybe 10 minutes on a scene if we’re lucky.

— Daniela Bobadilla

Even if you’re lucky to have a play on Broadway like ‘Chinglish,’ you don’t necessarily earn enough off it to support the years it takes to get there.

— David Henry Hwang

I’ve been lucky enough to have flown some very interesting aircraft in the past, but SpaceShipTwo is far and away the most exciting of them all.

— David Mackay

I couldn’t possibly have any regrets, because I’ve been very lucky, I’ve been celebrated, and I’ve survived. I couldn’t have one single regret. That would be absurd.

— Don McCullin

I mean, I’m lucky because I’ve slimmed down, but the last thing I was thinking about was losing weight.

— Denise Van Outen

If you are lucky enough to be successful, you get drawn further in and you stop paying attention to the stuff that matters.

— David Macaulay

It’s always been fun for me to play a variety of parts, and over the years, I’ve been lucky with the things I’ve been asked to do.

— Diana Quick

If you’re lucky enough to experience love, what you find is that it can sustain you through the most difficult times.

— Denise Di Novi

For ‘The Theory of Everything,’ I was quite low down on a list of actors for the role, and I got the opportunity as a consequence of people saying no to it. So I have been very, very lucky.

— Eddie Redmayne

I’m definitely interested in exploring human contradictions. Contradictions are what make us human – it’s what defines us as human beings. Contradictions are what make characters interesting, and I’ve been lucky to be presented with characters who have a lot of contradictions.

— Edgar Ramirez

Hmm, limelight… No, I’m not Sienna Miller or Angelina Jolie. I’m very lucky and happy, but I still find it very difficult to get good scripts and good roles. It’s really a jungle out there.

— Eva Green

I give everything to my work, and I like complex roles, characters that aren’t obvious. I’ve been very lucky so far, and I’m dreaming of working with directors like Jane Campion, Susanne Bier and the Dardennes. But the gods will decide.

— Eva Green

I am a young, white, educated male. I got really, really lucky. And life isn’t fair.

— Evan Spiegel

I am a lucky, lucky person.

— Evel Knievel

If there is a good musical reason, I think it might draw more attention and sell, though it is not guaranteed. To make a record without a musical reason, you have to either be a pop star who sells automatically or just be lucky.

— Eberhard Weber

You’re lucky enough in television to always be at it, to always be doing it. It’s like you’re constantly that person, always, all the time. It gets to be like clockwork.

— Elisha Cuthbert

It even sounds stupid to hear myself say the first costume designer I worked with was Catherine Martin, and she won an Oscar for it, but that was just my very lucky draw of roll of the dice.

— Elizabeth Debicki

The fact of the matter is I always have a really high sense of responsibility to the reader, whether it’s a few readers that I get or a lot of readers, which I was lucky enough to get with ‘Olive.’ I feel responsible to them, to deliver something as truthful and straight as I can.

— Elizabeth Strout

You know, Mamet is not a huge writer of female parts. Most of his movies don’t even have women in them, so I’m lucky I’m in it at all.

— Elle Macpherson

I was lucky – the first eight productions I auditioned for, I got cast.

— Emily Browning

I have kissed in almost all the films except in ‘Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai.’ I’m not sure if my kissing on screen has anything to do with the success of a film, but producers make sure to put a kissing scene or two. They feel my kissing scenes are my lucky streak.

— Emraan Hashmi

I’m lucky, I don’t like sweets, not even chocolate.

— Eva Herzigova

I’m lucky, I can sleep from takeoff until we land so I’m fresh, rested and ready to work on arrival.

— Eva Herzigova

I’m lucky. As soon as I open my mouth, people see I know what I’m talking about, and when I leave the room, I think most say, ‘She’s OK.’

— Ertharin Cousin

Donner likes what he does and enjoys being on a set. He doesn’t have to do it, its not like he has to make the rent. When I get to be his age and still enjoy what I’m doing like him, I’d be lucky.

— Ethan Embry

I’ve been lucky enough to be too busy for TV because if I’m not, I’ll get stuck in front of it.

— Eddie Kaye Thomas

It hasn’t been a totally smooth road, but in the whole span of things I feel like a very lucky person.

— Edward Furlong

I was extremely lucky. I had some huge crashes and yet I am still here, thanks to God.

— Emerson Fittipaldi

I’m one of the boys, no better than the last second violinist. I’m just the lucky one to be standing in the center, telling them how to play.

— Eugene Ormandy

No, but I’m really lucky, because I’m not the superhero.

— Fisher Stevens

I’m really lucky, because I’ve been able to go places and meet people you can only dream of.

— Frances Bean Cobain

Since I was 19, I’ve always gone where there was a reason to be. Maybe I’ll be lucky and there’ll be a reason to go somewhere tropical for a while.

— Feist

You just have to take these opportunities when they come along. They’re not that frequent you’ll get a really good script, oh, maybe once a year if you’re lucky.

— Felicity Jones

We only had enough money really to cut 10 things and be in there for a month because it’s expensive, you know. And, singer/songwriters, today are lucky if they can get a deal, you know. So, we actually worked so fast that we really cut 20 things.

— Graham Nash

The people I want are very famous and very rich, and all I can offer them is a bit of exposure on TV and a bit of cash, so it’s a miracle we get any guests at all. But we have been very lucky.

— Graham Norton

The lucky thing was that I was Italian when the other Italians saw me fight back, they came to my defence.

— Gregory Corso

I’m lucky that, despite all the bad press I’ve had over the years, the public still seems to like me.

— George Best

Well, I’ve been lucky. I’ve never gotten a voice polyp. I’ve never gotten nodes. But I do get sick, usually every tour, and to varying degrees. Sometimes it’s a sinusitis.

— Geddy Lee

You work really hard on something, and if you’re lucky, you get a break.

— Gene Green

When I was in the war, I was lucky that I was in a plane and never saw the carnage close-up.

— George McGovern

I have no belief in The Bible or religion, but I think Armageddon was a lucky guess. I honestly think it’s going to happen.

— George Michael

Too many guys don’t know what to do with their lives after boxing. I was lucky because I had two managers who didn’t trust each other, and so they were always making sure where all the money was, and because of that, so did I.

— Gerry Cooney

Walking is my hobby, and I’m lucky that I live right on the edge of Hampstead Heath.

— Gemma Jones

To step on a bomb, have your legs blown off and survive, is lucky. Everybody has a good-luck story. Mine was the fact that the senior medic was on patrol that day. Those who don’t have a good-luck story are the ones who don’t make it.

— Giles Duley

I feel lucky, happy and philosophical about it all.

— Greta Scacchi

We are all lucky to be here, we are lucky to be on stage and have millions of people watch us.

— Gary Barlow

We’re lucky, real lucky. Our friends lost their house. We just had some burning embers put holes in the screens.

— George Martin

That’s a powerful lucky rabbit’s foot. I got the part in Gone With the Wind because of it. I got my Warner contract, thanks to it.

— Hattie McDaniel

I don’t know why I got so lucky. I have to pinch myself often and say, ‘Is this just a dream?’

— Heidi Klum

This is my 25th year of being on stage. A lot of people who I kind of toed up to the starting line with are no longer in this position. I feel very, very lucky.

— Henry Rollins

I’ve been lucky enough to be involved in a number of great startups, including eBay and Wikia as an entrepreneur and LinkedIn and Paypal as an investor.

— Gil Penchina

I believe that we were very, very lucky that it went that way.

— Giovanni Agnelli

I do think that there are certain parts, if you are lucky enough to play them, that are bigger than you, and they stretch you. I don’t think you become a bigger person, but you develop certain muscles you didn’t have before.

— Harriet Walter

My first job was a Greek tragedy, and ever since, one job just seemed to roll onto the next. I’ve been terribly lucky.

— Hayley Atwell

I am a singer first and foremost. I was lucky enough to have a manager, when I was 15, who knew the heads of a lot of record labels at the time.

— Hayley Orrantia

I’m very lucky, as I’ve never ever felt any pressure from any producer to lose weight, whereas a lot of actresses have.

— Holliday Grainger

I’ve been lucky. I’ve made films that I really like. It’s been a combination of what comes to me and what I choose. I’ve gone after lots of things that I didn’t get, pet projects that everybody ends up chasing after. Really, you’re lucky if you get anything.

— Hope Davis

If we are lucky, and George W. Bush is right, we are about to witness the War of the Happy Iraqis.

— Howard Fineman

I’ve been lucky to ride 10 different horses at the Olympics. I’d like to think that of all of them, Big Ben – who was inducted into the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame – would still be competitive in the contemporary sport.

— Ian Millar

I’m a mom – I’m lucky if I get to shower in the morning. Luckily, nail polish stays on my toes. I’ve been so bad on the upkeep, though.

— Idina Menzel

By 15, I was lucky enough to find the theater.

— Ira Sachs

Understated jewellery is not for me. It’s too itsy-bitsy. My husband is lucky, as I’ve never had a yen for real jewels.

— Iris Apfel

There has never been a shrimp that I’ve eaten that I haven’t been like, ‘I am so lucky that I get to eat this.’ I would eat a shrimp enchilada, shrimp burrito, shrimp cocktail, fried shrimp, shrimp po boy, shrimp gumbo.

— Isabel Gillies

I’ve been lucky to conduct the very best orchestras in the world: New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Berlin, the London Philharmonic.

— Itzhak Perlman

You need to be curious, competitive, creative, stubborn, self-confident, skeptical, patient and be lucky to win a Nobel.

— Ivar Giaever

You gotta try your luck at least once a day, because you could be going around lucky all day and not even know it.

— Jimmy Dean

We were lucky in the days of Led Zeppelin. Each album was different. We didn’t have to continue a formula or produce a certain number of singles. Because, in those days, radio was still playing albums. That was really good.

— Jimmy Page

You’re lucky if I watch 10 minutes of wrestling a month. Most of the time, I channel surf, and I lose interest after a few minutes.

— Jesse Ventura

Comediennes are the lucky ones, because if you’re funny, you can be 125 years old and they will still accept you.

— Joan Rivers

Pixar has invented much of computer animation as it’s known today, and I’ve been very lucky to be the first traditional animator to work with computer animation.

— John Lasseter

When you sit at your desk, if you’re lucky, there’s a moment when you feel empowered to be someone or something else, to leap into another skin.

— John Updike

I was the guy who had been bouncing around the film industry for years, and I’d been lucky if five or 10 people would see my movies, so Captain Jack did a big flip for my career.

— Johnny Depp

I am lucky, I’m the first to admit that.

— J. J. Abrams

All the times I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of a show that’s actually gotten on the air, it’s always that same mixture of excitement and utter fear.

— J. J. Abrams

I grind my teeth and keep my thumbs in so tight that I’ve dislocated them, just not to scream. Sometimes as an actor one is lucky enough to be asked to scream.

— Jane Birkin

I was very lucky growing up, and I got all my dad’s and aunts’ toys from the 1950s and 1960s and loved those old pedal cars.

— Jasmine Guinness

My main lucky number is 9. That was my baseball number in high school. My other lucky number is 3, because that’s the one I wore before I got to high school and had to pick a different one.

— Jason Aldean

Sometimes you get lucky and things are as easy as you had imagined, but that’s rarely the case.

— Jason Fried

I feel lucky I didn’t become that newspaper cartoonist I wanted to be because in the U.S. so many newspapers have suffered circulation declines, and some have folded. What’s fun about being an author is I reach a much bigger audience, and there is something special about launching a book you’ve penned.

— Jeff Kinney

I hoped, hoped, that maybe I’d be lucky enough to do something on Broadway, in the chorus.

— Jennifer Garner

I am usually part of any disaster at a wedding if I’m a bridesmaid, which I’ve been lucky enough to be several times.

— Jennifer Garner

I used to get a lot of people saying ‘Oh, you are such a lucky granny.’ But the fact of the matter is you can be a grandma at 35 these days.

— Jo Brand

One of the many characteristics of the new is that, at first, it’s very hard to recognize it for what it is. We’re lucky if we recognize something as being new when it first appears. Usually I think we don’t have that privilege. It’s usually after the fact that we suddenly turn around and say, ‘Wow, this thing is amazing.’

— Junot Diaz

If you are lucky enough to have a parent or two alive on this planet, call them. Don’t text don’t e-mail. Call them on the phone.

— J. K. Simmons

If to live is to progress, if you are lucky, from foolishness to wisdom, then to write novels is to broadcast the various stages of your foolishness.

— Jane Smiley

It’s been hard in entertainment as a 45-year-old woman to find jobs. They get fewer and far between if you’re older, unless you’re one of the few lucky ones who work constantly, like Meryl Streep.

— Janeane Garofalo

Overall, I think I’m just lucky, and I hope I continue to be lucky.

— Jeff Hardy

If I need to cheer myself up, I will put on some fabulous ’40s musical on video. But I’m very lucky I seldom get depressed. Without question, I’m a ‘glass half full’ person. In fact, it’s three-quarters full!

— Joan Collins

I want to feel lucky every night when I go onstage, and not feel like, ‘Oh, great, here we go again.

— Joel Madden

I consider myself a very lucky actor that, approaching 60, I’m still employed and employable.

— John Lithgow

I just feel incredibly lucky to be employed when there are so many actors and actresses who are not employed. That’s why, you know, I sometimes feel desperate, in case I’m not going to be cast again.

— Judi Dench

I think the whole under-eye-bag thing is hereditary, and I just got lucky.

— Julianna Margulies

I stayed in submission to my husband, and he allowed me to do anything I wanted to. I felt like I was lucky to have that kind of romance.

— June Carter Cash

I’ve flown out of character so many times. In that sense I’ve been lucky, because I’ve been given the liberty to do just about anything I’ve wanted to do in my lifetime.

— June Carter Cash

I’ve been very lucky, considering what I look like and what I do.

— James Gandolfini

I’m real happy. I’ve been lucky in love, and I’ve got a wonderful kid now, and things have been going well.

— James Mercer

Finally, for all of us but a lucky few, the dream of playing big-time baseball is relinquished so we can get on with grown-up things.

— John Thorn

I’m lucky enough to be with someone, and I am happy.

— Johnny Knoxville

I like to be creative and I’m lucky that I have a couple of different outlets, and I’m lucky that I get to use them.

— Jamie Kennedy

We’re somewhat lucky here in the United States, where we hope that the checks and balances hold out for many years to come and decades to come. But in a lot of countries, you don’t have these checks and balances.

— Jan Koum

If I’m ever lucky enough to be part of an awards tribute, I hope they play ‘Muffin Top’ in my little clip. That’s how I want to be remembered.

— Jane Krakowski

Well, I’m lucky because, you see, I’ll probably bounce back from this role.

— Jennifer Saunders

I don’t go out – ever. I’m lucky enough to have awesome friends, and we always end up at someone’s house. We’re big house-party guys.

— John Krasinski

Not everyone deserves to be a musician, you get lucky enough to be one.

— Josh Homme

I’m not a pretty boy who came to town and burst out of the gate, which is a good thing, because if I was, I probably wouldn’t have been good enough then. I probably wouldn’t have lasted. So I was very lucky not to be pretty.

— Jeremy Piven

If you are lucky, you have your moment. But it is never more than a moment. You have to enjoy it while it lasts.

— Julian Fellowes

I can shoot off my big mouth and write my shows and run my shows, and I can recognize how lucky I am because my position is rare and my position is privileged.

— Jenji Kohan

I have a collection of lucky pennies, and I like to carry some of them with me. So far, they seem to be working!

— Joanna Garcia

Basically, though, I’m just lucky to love what I do for a living.

— John Goodman

And then I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to go to China in 1980, which was quite early.

— John Pomfret

I was lucky enough to first meet Elvis at his house in Bel Air and he used to invite different artists, singers and musicians, to come and jam with him at his house.

— Jackie DeShannon

The demise of Google Reader, if logical, is a reminder of how far we’ve come from the cuddly old ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ Google days, in which there was a foreseeably-astonishing delight in the way Google’s evolving design tricks anticipated what users would like.

— James Fallows

I have worked hard in my career, but I have been lucky as well.

— Jennifer Damiano

We are so lucky Americans are impressive with what they’re willing to give. We get bashed too much. And, so many young people in this country give so much. They’re not all gang bangers.

— Jami Gertz

I don’t want to sound too bleeding heart, because I know how lucky I’ve been, but I never knew how hard it was to be the lead in a television show.

— Jessica Raine

I feel so, so lucky. Lucky because of many things.

— Joss Stone

If you can live in Vegas, or visit Vegas, and leave in one piece, still loving it and somehow laughing about it, you should spend at least part of your last night in town doing something that will serve you well no matter where you go next: thank your lucky stars.

— J. R. Moehringer

I have friends who are in the posh category and some who are in the not-at-all-posh category, and some who you would find it very hard to get any sort of handle on. But I am lucky to have any friends, of course.

— Jools Holland

Well, I was lucky in that my being an actress totally overshadowed my having some kind of a… legacy at Yale, so that was kind of great.

— Jordana Brewster

I was lucky to book a show pretty quickly after getting to L.A., but I struggled getting started in Vancouver. If I had gotten those earlier roles in Vancouver, I wouldn’t have gone to L.A. to get the show that launched my career.

— Jacqueline MacInnes Wood

Script comes first, then the actors, then you gotta be lucky enough to get the right time slot. Then people have to watch.

— James Burrows

I played piano in a covers band, but that didn’t especially help with girls. There is never a piano around after the shows. Guys with the guitars were the ones who got lucky.

— Jonathan Tropper

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite days of the year because it reminds us to give thanks and to count our blessings. Suddenly, so many things become so little when we realize how blessed and lucky we are.

— Joyce Giraud

I’m really, really lucky. I was given my dad’s good genes.

— Josh Brolin

I’m sort lucky in that for me, I’m a writer now. I started as an actor but I’m a writer and so things like ‘Wilfred’ and shows like that are where I escape to.

— Jason Gann

I don’t really believe in lucky things, but I wear lucky underwear as a joke.

— Julia Mancuso

AOL was a roller coaster ride. I was lucky and privileged to be a part of it, both the ups and the downs.

— Jim Bankoff

At Sequoia, upwards of a hundred entrepreneurs a week present, and if we’re lucky, maybe a dozen of them are focusing on the enterprise.

— Jim Goetz

Monday Mornings’ is so utterly different – in so many ways – from anything else I’ve done, really. I also desperately wanted an ensemble piece, but I couldn’t have dreamed of being a part of something like this. I am so lucky.

— Jennifer Finnigan

It’s not that complicated. If you hear something and it makes you want to hear it again, that’s the ticket. You have to be lucky enough to find geniuses, welcome them and get out of their way.

— Jerry Moss

The artist is extremely lucky who is presented with the worst possible ordeal which will not actually kill him. At that point, he’s in business.

— John Berryman

I’m lucky enough that directors sometimes seek me out for little projects that people don’t even know about, that just surface later on.

— Laura Dern

Music is the career I’m lucky enough to get paid for, but I have other desires and passions.

— Layne Staley

I get such lovely gifts from fans… amazing pictures, handmade jewellery. I’m very lucky!

— Leona Lewis

I think that Bob Dylan knows this more than all of us: you don’t write the songs anyhow. So if you’re lucky, you can keep the vehicle healthy and responsive over the years. If you’re lucky, your own intentions have very little to do with this.

— Leonard Cohen

To win a national championship, you’ve got to be a little lucky.

— Lou Holtz

My guilty fear is that what I’m doing, probably anyone could do. And that I just got a lot of lucky breaks.

— Louis Theroux

You’re lucky if people like your book, and the more people that like it, the luckier I feel.

— Lydia Millet

I’ve been lucky enough to travel widely. When you’re based in Europe, it’s very easy to go to Madrid or Budapest for the weekend. I also lived in Italy for ten years and now live in Ireland.

— Laurie Graham

Book tours are excellent things, and one is lucky to get to go on one, but they have a way of leeching away one’s will to live.

— Lev Grossman

Every part I get, I just think I’m so lucky. They’re so hard to get, you know.

— Laurie Metcalf

I was on vacation in New York when my agent called asking if I wanted to go right in and audition for ‘Billy Elliot,’ so I was lucky to be there.

— Lilla Crawford

I will say that I’ve been lucky enough never to have to do a job I didn’t want to do, or a play I wasn’t in love with.

— Lily Rabe

I’m one of the lucky directors that pretty much every movie I’ve done has started a franchise. But I never think this way. I think that’s the way you break it, if you go, ‘then at the end, at the end we’ll see you later.’ I was forced to do it in ‘Clash of the Titans.’

— Louis Leterrier

I love my job so much, and not everyone can say that and I recognize how lucky that is.

— Larisa Oleynik

What’s it like being opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger? For me? Are you kidding? Maybe if I’m lucky, come up to his navel!

— Linda Hunt

I’ve been very lucky and been able to work, as an actress, but I’m definitely a working actress. I get a script, I audition, and then I pray.

— Laura Haddock

I’ve been lucky enough to work with extraordinary teachers along the way, and I’m excited to share what I’ve learned with graduate students at SNHU. I’m just as excited for what I’ll learn from them.

— Leslie Jamison

I was lucky to live 10 years in France, so I learned how to eat and drink there.

— Lorraine Bracco

I had this idea that I would write a companion cookbook to ‘Barbara the Slut.’ The recipes would be like, ‘Put the Lucky Charms in the bowl.’

— Lauren Holmes

The truth is, if you’re lucky enough to work, you’re a lucky actor.

— Lindsay Price

Stephen Colbert has such a loyal following I don’t know if it’s the same with Jay Leno he really inspires love in people, and there can be a lucky ricochet of that for some people.

— Lisa Hannigan

I’m in a really lucky position where people will be interested in whatever I do, but what I do is sing.

— Kathleen Hanna

I am one of millions who have been treated for depression and gotten well I was lucky enough to have a psychiatrist well versed in using lithium and knowledgeable about my illness, and who was also an excellent psychotherapist.

— Kay Redfield Jamison

I do think that, for instance, we’ve been very lucky to have theatrical careers and be associated with Shakespeare which sometimes gives you a kind of bogus kudos.

— Kenneth Branagh

If you’re lucky, you go from being a movie fan to a movie maker.

— Kevin Smith

If you’re lucky enough to do well, it’s your responsibility to send the elevator back down.

— Kevin Spacey

I’m lucky if I find one movie a year that’s worth doing, and when I do find one, it usually only takes 20-30 days to shoot.

— Kevin Spacey

I try to list the top three things to get done every day, and I’ll be lucky if I hit all three, but it’s amazing what that does to keep you on track.

— Kevin Systrom

Hopefully my fan base doesn’t lock me into ‘Twilight,’ you lose yourself. You should do things for you, and I have been really lucky to have things that really rock me and really move me falling into my lap.

— Kristen Stewart

I’m very lucky to be able to do what I love to do, and I hope I can keep doing it for a while.

— Kathy Bates

My siblings and I were raised to be very hardworking and to find something that we’re passionate in, and to be able to turn that into work – I’m lucky to be able to say that I’ve done that.

— Katherine Schwarzenegger

I love that there are so many ‘Veronica Mars’ fans. I was not a regular on the show. I was lucky enough to just come on. I loved the character. But, I never really realized the rabid fans that it had. I just didn’t know.

— Ken Marino

I got out of difficult situations when many of my classmates didn’t because I was smart, and I was lucky, and my parents were amazingly literate and helpful.

— Kerry Greenwood

The Indian diaspora is a wonderful place to write from, and I am lucky to be part of it.

— Kiran Desai

I’m very lucky, I’ve got two very loving parents, still very much together, and always been very supportive.

— Kit Harington

I had braces I was lucky, ’cause I had some snaggle teeth. I always try and keep my retainer on me ’cause I’m paranoid about my teeth. It was run over by a car, so half of it’s missing, but it still works.

— Kreayshawn

I had no clue on what I wanted to do when I was younger, so I was pretty lucky with this YouTube thing.


I was very young when we got married and I don’t know why it worked out like it did or how I was smart enough to know that this was the right guy, but somehow I got lucky.

— Kyra Sedgwick

I just didn’t know what the heck I wanted to do with my life, so I drove out to California and got really lucky.

— Krista Allen

It was so crazy, lucky, that ‘Defiance’ and ‘Hemlock Grove’ was shooting in Toronto at the same time. I got to be on both of them.

— Kaniehtiio Horn

I’m very lucky, coming from a great school.

— Katie Chang

I’ve been lucky enough to play some funny, nasty ladies in my day, and if you can make them foolish, they’re even funnier.

— Kelly Bishop

I have an enormous metabolism, so I’m lucky.

— Mads Mikkelsen

When you get into the granny era, you’re lucky to get anything.

— Maggie Smith

For centuries, soup kitchens have been a way for local communities to offer a way of support, both nutritional and emotional to their less lucky neighbors.

— Marcus Samuelsson

I think some people just have an innate musical ability, and I’m lucky enough to be one of those people.

— Marina and the Diamonds

I’m not the type to pat myself on the back and all that, but somebody has to be lucky, right? When I got to Dallas, I was struggling – sleeping on the floor with six guys in a three-bedroom apartment. I used to drive around, look at the big houses, and imagine what it would be like to live there and use that as motivation.

— Mark Cuban

How lucky Adam was. He knew when he said a good thing, nobody had said it before.

— Mark Twain

I’ve been really lucky. I’ll completely forget that I’m a celebrity. And then something will happen, and I’ll go, ‘Oh, right.’

— Matt Damon

If one is lucky, a solitary fantasy can totally transform one million realities.

— Maya Angelou

I’m constantly saying to myself, ‘I’m lucky I was born in the United States.’

— Melinda Gates

I am what I am and, you know, I’m a very lucky guy.

— Michael Bloomberg

Fortune, seeing that she could not make fools wise, has made them lucky.

— Michel de Montaigne

I have been very lucky to work in so many new ballets, but that is what a dancer’s work is.

— Mikhail Baryshnikov

I’ve been very lucky – I’ve worked consistently, and I haven’t had to kiss a lot of people on stage.

— Miriam Margolyes

Never put your money against Cassius Clay, for you will never have a lucky day.

— Muhammad Ali

If your mom is still around, you’re so lucky.

— M. J. Rose

I was lucky enough to be fairly quick at understanding what was taught, but unlucky enough not to be really interested in it, so I always got my exams but never had the scholar’s love of learning for its own sake.

— Maeve Binchy

I’m lucky that I have good genetics. Like you said, it just gets better as I get older.

— Margaret Cho

I was lucky enough to have a father who said, ‘Don’t quit.’ So I just kept going.

— Mariska Hargitay

Sometimes, as an actor, you’re so deeply immersed in a part that you lose control of it. If you’re really lucky, a few times in your life it’ll take you somewhere you never expected to go. It really blows the top off your understanding of your craft.

— Mark Ruffalo

You need to be lucky in life, but it’s also what you do with your luck.

— Marlon Wayans

Furthermore, they were constantly informed by all the camp authorities that they had been abandoned by the world: they were beggars and lucky to receive the daily soup of starvation.

— Martha Gellhorn

I love curating, because I’m lucky and privileged that I have a platform and I can share my discoveries with other people.

— Martin Parr

I’ve been lucky enough to stand on both poles, but the place that seemed the remotest to me was Butugychag, a former gulag in Siberia. It is completely cut off from the rest of the world.

— Michael Palin

If you’re lucky enough to be famous, then it’s great if you can use your fame and the power your fame gives you to draw attention to things that really matter.

— Michael Schumacher

I’m lucky enough to be able to make films and so I don’t need a psychiatrist. I can sort out my fears and all those things with my work. That’s an enormous privilege. That’s the privilege of all artists, to be able to sort out their unhappiness and their neuroses in order to create something.

— Michael Haneke

Don’t hate me, but I’ve always been skinny. I got lucky.

— Malin Akerman

I try to get that across in the work, to try to, if I’m lucky, to make this world a little bit better for all of us before I check out. And that’s if I’m lucky, I don’t always get to have that privilege but I try always.

— Mandy Patinkin

You can have a very bad end with Parkinson’s, but on the other hand, you can be like me, because I’m lucky. I’m not having a bad end.

— Margo MacDonald

I’ve been really lucky that I’ve been exposed to a lot of lovely, talented people who are not jerks, and I would like to continue that streak.

— Mackenzie Davis

I was lucky enough to get to perform on stage in front of 20 million people on TV, and 150 thousand in concerts. For 15 minutes I got to be a rock star, the 15 minutes is great! It turns into Spinal Tap after 20 minutes.

— Mark Mothersbaugh

History proves that most writers get forgotten anyway. That’s very likely to happen to my books, and if I’m extremely lucky, maybe one of my books will survive.

— Michel Faber

I’ve just been lucky. I’d like to have more choices, and I’d like to have a leading part.

— Marisa Tomei

We had a poster of the Davis Cup in 1986. It was in Prague, the Czech Republic against Sweden, and we went to watch, so I got the poster. You couldn’t get all the posters. You were lucky if you got one.

— Martina Hingis

My feeling is, from when I started on ‘Breaking Bad,’ there’s no reason to pick and choose because every episode is great. Whatever episode you get, you’re lucky to do it.

— Michelle MacLaren

The average life spans of many bands are not that long, up to five years if they are lucky.

— Mike McCready

I felt ‘Quantum of Solace’ completely lost its way. We were lucky on ‘Casino Royale:’ it was the origin story of Bond. Bond had the one and only affair that meant anything to him, and affected him throughout the rest of the series.

— Martin Campbell

I can feel middle age approaching, but I reckon the trick is to ignore all the signs. I’m lucky in that I’ve always looked half the age I am. So the way I see it is that I’m still in my twenties!

— Marc Warren

I have been lucky with writers. None have been real trouble. Some I never met. Some I meet only after the book is finished, and some, the easiest to get along with, are the dead ones. Most become friends.

— Michael Foreman

We play make-believe and dress up for a living. One goes, one doesn’t go, whatever. I don’t understand how you can get bitter or jaded. We’re just so lucky to get to do this.

— Michael Mosley

I’ve been really lucky because when I go out to L.A. it’s for a job, not to look for a job. That’s the way I like L.A. most – when I already have a job.

— Marin Ireland

Here, you can walk into a bookstore and pick up a Bible or Christian literature and learn. Over there, they are lucky if they have one Bible for a whole village.

— Michael Scott

You just have to keep plugging away and if you get lucky enough to get a job, you get one.

— Michael Vartan

I love the Middle East and have been lucky enough to visit a few of the countries like Egypt, Lebanon, Jordon and the U.A.E.

— Nadia Ali

When I was growing up, I was lucky to benefit from a first class education.

— Nicola Sturgeon

I wanted a pseudonym partly because I’m quite shy and private. I know that sounds ludicrous, but if I should be lucky enough to make a hit, I wanted to be able to shrug off the mantel of Nick Harkaway when I got home.

— Nick Harkaway

How lucky can one guy get? I was a runaway, and then I was in one of the biggest bands in the world. I’ve sold out every arena. I’ve sold millions and millions of records.

— Nikki Sixx

But no, I’ve just been very lucky. But I’ve worked hard, and the harder you work, the luckier you seem to get.

— Norman Wisdom

I’m a lucky person because the company keeps growing, and that means my team keeps growing.

— Nobu Matsuhisa

I feel like I’ve been lucky, because I don’t feel like I’ve ever tried to be somebody I’m not. People might disagree.

— Norah Jones

I was lucky enough as a kid to spend most of my weekends at the Fillmore East. On a great night, that was like a Holy Roller evangelical church.

— Paul Stanley

I’m so lucky to have worked with Burt Lancaster, who I remember was one of the first people I’d heard swearing in a really interesting way.

— Peter Capaldi

So I won’t say I’m lucky. I’m fortunate enough to find or attract very talented people. For some reason I found them, and they found me.

— Peter Dinklage

I feel very lucky to be able to make movies in New Zealand, and I will always be grateful for the support I have received from so many New Zealanders.

— Peter Jackson

I was lucky enough to make four Bond films. It finished in rather shambolic fashion, but I have no bitterness, no resentment.

— Pierce Brosnan

The cookbooks and the writing in general have been a real bonus, but it’s not something I’ve ever pursued… I’ve been lucky, I guess.

— Padma Lakshmi

The majority of work I do is in independent films, where you’re lucky if you have five takes.

— Patricia Clarkson

I feel very lucky that I was part of that whole scene in the ’60s and ’70s. I love looking at the photographs because everyone was young, and they were so gorgeous to look at.

— Pattie Boyd

Well, you just know, as a writer, I didn’t really write one of the five best screenplays of the year. There were lots of brilliant screenplays I was just one of the lucky ones who got nominated.

— Patrick Marber

I was very lucky, I was part of the post-war period when everything had to be redone.

— Pierre Cardin

If you’re an actress and even one person knows your name, you’re lucky.

— Paula Patton

In a way, my father was lucky. He had a hunch that his vision of the National Gallery would interest other collectors and persuade them to come in with him, and that hunch proved to be right.

— Paul Mellon

I’m proud to have played characters who’ve inspired people to live out loud, and I’m lucky to have reached an audience that’s been incredibly enthusiastic and supportive.

— Olivia Wilde

I’ve been lucky enough to kiss three James Bonds on screen: Pierce Brosnan, George Lazenby and Daniel Craig.

— Olivia Williams

I’m amazed that things have panned out the way they have. I always say I’m so lucky, though my mum always says, ‘You make your own luck.’

— Orlando Bloom

I’ve worked with Hollywood stars, but the reason most of the Hollywood stars I’ve worked with are Hollywood stars is that they’re excellent actors, so I’ve been very lucky.

— Rhys Ifans

I’ve been very lucky to have played a variety of characters, and they weren’t defined by their race.

— Riz Ahmed

I am very lucky: not very many writers can say they genuinely like the film of their book. However, I do.

— Robyn Davidson

I like running. I am lucky for that I don’t find it hard. I like it as much as relaxing, actually. I am very focused on driving, and I don’t like to party too much that’s just who I am.

— Romain Grosjean

I was lucky enough to get into drama school in London back in 2005, and I was there for three years, and in those three years, we did a lot of theater. A lot of classical training.

— Rose Leslie

Venice, Italy, is one of my favorite cities, a place I’ve been lucky enough to visit twice.

— Rosecrans Baldwin

I’m lucky because I have so many clashing cultural, racial things going on: black, Jewish, Irish, Portuguese, Cherokee. I can float and be part of any community I want.

— Rashida Jones

When I stepped into the box, I felt the at-bat belonged to me. Everybody else was there for my convenience. The pitcher was there to throw me a ball to hit. The catcher was there to throw it back to him if he didn’t give me what I wanted the first time. And the umpire was lucky that he was close enough to watch.

— Reggie Jackson

If you’re lucky enough to still have grandparents, visit them, cherish them and celebrate them while you can.

— Regina Brett

With the casino and the beds, our passengers will have at least two ways to get lucky on one of our flights.

— Richard Branson

I’m really lucky because I found myself in a position where I can do whatever I want to do. I can make records, produce records, make movies, or I can do nothing. I’m not a slave to the dollar.

— Robbie Robertson

I think I’ve been lucky, being my frequent appearances on Court TV have brought to me another level than just the actor guy.

— Robert Downey, Jr.

The Lucky One’ is at its heart a romance novel, elevated however by Nicholas Sparks’ persuasive storytelling. Readers don’t read his books because they’re true, but because they ought to be true.

— Roger Ebert

You’ve come to know the fortunate and the inauspicious stars, but you don’t know whether you yourself are fortunate or lucky.

— Rumi

Guys are lucky: We can wear a suit over and over, just with different shirts and ties.

— Ryan Reynolds

A nicely fitted two-button suit is the best thing any guy can have. Guys are lucky: We can wear a suit over and over, just with different shirts and ties.

— Ryan Reynolds

I’m a lucky boy! I could be holding a gun in Afghanistan. There’s boys out there doing what they’ve got to do, and there’s people digging holes, and there’s people driving buses. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

— Ray Winstone

I’m a lucky guy. I don’t take for granted, for one minute, what I do.

— Richie Sambora

You need supporting actors to help to tell the story. For me, I’m lucky to be a part of the films. Being an actor, I’ll take any role, whether it’s supporting or leading.

— Robert Maillet

I feel very lucky to have the freedom to do the things I want to do. And as I say, my clients are all my friends as well.

— Robert Stigwood

I was one of the first of the uglies. Rock Hudson and Tab Hunter… were very pretty fellows, and that was the trend. I was one of the first of the uglies to get lucky.

— Rod Taylor

If you’re from Dublin, for example, chances are you live with your family, if you’re lucky enough to, right up to the mid-20s. And most of the people I know, when they finally sort of set off on their own, they don’t stray all that far.

— Roddy Doyle

I grew up in Colombo but was lucky enough to spend a lot of time in the countryside as well. Although there was considerable turbulence, even in the 1950s, it did not throw a shadow on my consciousness.

— Romesh Gunesekera

I’ve been very lucky as an actor. I have worked all the time. Some shows I do, they get cancelled. Some, they’re critically acclaimed, and then they get cancelled. And some, I’m in the last season of this or that. But I can’t complain about my career.

— Rena Sofer

I’m one of those few actresses who works all the time, and even though I haven’t done a show that literally puts me on some kind of map – as in, that’s how I’m known and that’s how I’ll always be known – I’m very lucky.

— Rena Sofer

I went from a sitcom to a hospital drama, feature films. I’ve kind of been living the actor’s dream. I’m not associated with one role or one medium. You’re lucky if you’re associated with one hit show.

— Rocky Carroll

So now I feel I’m lucky in the respect that I can sort of pick a little more carefully, which is tricky because as a black actress, there aren’t that many roles to pick from.

— Rachel True

Love is just such a crucial, wonderful thing, and if you are lucky enough to find somebody who genuinely loves you, grab that person and hold on to that person, and nothing else matters.

— Randall Kennedy

As I slowly managed to take what I had learned into a transition from contestant to announcer and warm-up, I first had to prove myself on pilots. And as you know, many pilots are taped for each show that is lucky enough to breakthrough to being a series.

— Randy West

I’m not Irish. Just because I have red hair doesn’t mean I’m a lucky charm, you know?

— Rebecca Mader

I’m very lucky, because my beat is current events. And events are changing all the time.

— Rick Mercer

I never put my arms around John Gotti, Al Capone or Lucky Luciano.

— Robert Stack

Uh, I just had an operation last March which was rather serious and I’m recuperating now. I’m on a very bland diet. But, uh, I’m lucky, I was just lucky, that’s all.

— Rube Goldberg

Initially, new ideas are rejected. Later they become dogma if you’re right. And if you’re really lucky, you can publish your rejections as part of your Nobel presentation.

— Rosalyn Sussman Yalow

We had had several mine disasters where workers, some of the workers were rescued. It was, you know, who was lucky and who weren’t. Some would find the air pockets But, in this one, bam, it was just, everybody was gone and it greatly depressed the state.

— Richard Grimes

I’m lucky enough to be doing my dream job, but my second dream job would be to be a concert pianist.

— Robert Emms

England in a way is lucky. It’s an island, so the frontiers are given by the sea.

— Salman Rushdie

I’m very lucky I have a lot of knowledge. My favorite band is The Beatles, so a lot of inspiration for my music comes from them, too.

— Sabrina Carpenter

People are lucky and unlucky not according to what they get absolutely, but according to the ratio between what they get and what they have been led to expect.

— Samuel Butler

I’ve always been incredibly lucky that the music that I make, other people like it.

— Sarah McLachlan

When I started at Microsoft, I was lucky enough to be part of the rise of the client-server paradigm.

— Satya Nadella

It sounds funny, but the 2008 Olympics were something that just kind of happened, and I was lucky they came at a point when I was uninjured and well prepared. As a gymnast, you can’t ask for much more.

— Shawn Johnson

In many ways, I’m incredibly lucky to have been born with my impairment and that it’s visible. It means my path has been predictable.

— Stella Young

Now, bipolar disorder, it goes on a spectrum. There’s very severe conditions of it and there are milder ones. I’m lucky enough that it’s reasonably mild in my case.

— Stephen Fry

Is the modern social pattern of unending change and movement the cause of two modern diseases, insecurity and dissatisfaction? How lucky Thomas Hood was to be able to write, ‘I remember, I remember the house where I was born.’ I don’t even know what mine looked like!

— Spike Milligan

Since I was a boy, from this house, I was out rescuing crocodiles and snakes. My mum and dad were very passionate about that and, I was lucky enough to go along.

— Steve Irwin

Of all the inventions of humans, the computer is going to rank near or at the top as history unfolds and we look back. It is the most awesome tool that we have ever invented. I feel incredibly lucky to be at exactly the right place in Silicon Valley, at exactly the right time, historically, where this invention has taken form.

— Steve Jobs

I was lucky that it hit my shaft, and then my helmet, and I was lucky enough to get that breakaway.

— Saku Koivu

I feel lucky to be getting older. The fact that I made it to 30 and then 40 was big enough. So I can’t get too down on getting older otherwise, it kind of undoes everything I’ve fought for.

— Sam Taylor-Wood

Well, you can’t say you are lucky to live in Champaign, but I was lucky to be at the University of Illinois. It’s a very international cosmopolitan community. That’s very helpful.

— Sayed Kashua

When I grew up in India, telephones were a rarity. In fact, they were so rare that elected members of Parliament had the right to allocate 15 telephone lines as a favor to those they deemed worthy. If you were lucky enough to be a wealthy businessman or an influential journalist, or a doctor or something, you might have a telephone.

— Shashi Tharoor

We’re so lucky where we live, but we’re so out of touch. Everyone’s mindset is made to feel that refugees are a problem, but it’s more than that. They’re human beings, too. They were forced from their homes.

— Sonny Bill Williams

A young fella snuck out on to the field somehow, but when he was coming up to give me a hug, he got smoked by the guard. He was lucky the guy didn’t break his ribs.

— Sonny Bill Williams

At home, I’m lucky if I can write three or four hours before the phone starts ringing and the kids want to go to soccer.

— Steve Earle

Call no man happy until he is dead, but only lucky.

— Solon

When I finished Westlife, we had – Louie Walsh is still managing me – I was lucky to have options from different labels such as Sony and Universal. When we met Capitol and Nick Raphael, I just believed in them the most, and it looked like they believed in me the most.

— Shane Filan

Watching the Commons tribute to Margaret Thatcher was like being suffocated inside a gigantic sticky toffee pudding, but one with nasty bogeys planted inside. There was much of the ‘Margaret Thatcher who was lucky enough to know me,’ especially from her own side of the House.

— Simon Hoggart

We are lucky to have Manmohan Singh as our Prime Minister. We could not have done without a person and leader of the choice as Manmohan Singh, who gets all international attention.

— Salman Khurshid

The beginning of my career was so brilliant. It wasn’t until ten years later that I went, ‘Oh, that was a big, fat fluke and, boy, was I ever lucky.’

— Sandra Oh

The one time I was an actor, it happened to be in a globally dominant juggernaut. That was lucky.

— Sarah Vowell

I’ve always enjoyed playing in Paris, ever since I was a junior and won the junior event there. Being Swiss, this is the Grand Slam that is closest to us – the one we watch first and visit first if we are lucky enough.

— Stanislas Wawrinka

Performing, not rehearsing, is a dancer’s raison d’etre, and I’ve been lucky to ‘etre’ in some extraordinary places – Cuba, Paris, Mongolia. In particular, a two-week stint in Greece leaps to mind. We danced in the Acropolis’s Herodes Atticus amphitheater, once a venue for gladiator spectacles.

— Sascha Radetsky

I’ve been tremendously lucky. I went through things that turned out wrong, and I got myself out of them.

— Stephane Hessel

I start with characters, and then I start writing, and then, if I’m lucky, things start to happen.

— Susan Choi

Erica Kane was a spectacular role for any actress to play, and I felt so lucky to be the one who got to do it.

— Susan Lucci

With drama, especially, it seems like the bigger the budgets and the edgier the characters, the more interesting they are. We’re very lucky because ‘Modern Family’ wouldn’t fit on cable: they’d want us to push it more and be edgier and turn it into something that it’s not.

— Steven Levitan

When I got my PhD, it was a time when there were just no jobs for PhDs. Period. PhDs were getting the lowest paid technician jobs, if they were lucky, in any kind of science.

— Shannon Lucid

Having a thick skin doesn’t mean that you’re hard or harsh. I was lucky because I was born with a thick skin. That doesn’t mean that things don’t bother me, but you have to keep it in perspective.

— Shelley Moore Capito

Every single person suffers every marriage has some major battles. Life pulls you in different directions. But if you try, and you’re lucky, you can find your way back to each other.

— Taya Kyle

Some films clearly seem to divide people. And I do think there’s something incredibly exciting about the commonality of us as human beings, which some films are lucky enough to tap into.

— Tom Hooper

I have to say, I feel really lucky. I’ve had a lot of great characters to play.

— Toni Collette

I’ve been very lucky to have been able to act, write and direct and not have to choose just the one thing.

— Terry Jones

I heard ‘Get Lucky’ it’s just not my taste. It’s great what Daft Punk does and the sound quality is great, but that whole disco vibe is not really my thing.

— Tiesto

When I was a kid, I loved to draw, and I was lucky because I had parents and teachers and grown-ups around who recognised and encouraged that.

— Tony DiTerlizzi

If you are lucky enough to find something that you love, and you have a shot at being good at it, don’t stop, don’t put it down.

— Taylor Swift

I think I’m lucky that I had kids as spread out as much as I did, ’cause my son, my oldest, was born when I was 21. And my youngest is 15 now. He was born when I was 40, you know?

— Tom Hanks

In the end, one has to feel lucky that things fell out O.K. I’ve felt that all the years I’ve been writing plays.

— Tom Stoppard

I have my Lucky Charms in the morning, and I feel magical.

— Tracy Morgan

We have it, we’re lucky enough that we’ve created a show where it’s not about… a family, or a kid, it’s about a town.

— Trey Parker

This is a tough business for anyone, especially if you start out young. I feel really lucky about the way things have turned out.

— Tempestt Bledsoe

Whether or not I would be able to be an actor without the music I’m not sure, but I feel pretty lucky to do it.

— Tyler Hilton

We all dream a lot – some are lucky, some are not. But if you think it, want it, dream it, then it’s real. You are what you feel.

— Tim Rice

I like what I do, and a lot of these projects have really interesting material and interesting people to work with. I feel lucky.

— Tobias Menzies

I’m very lucky to be doing what I’m doing, and the reason I’m doing everything is because of fans.

— Tony Oller

I wouldn’t say I’m lucky, but I do take care of my body. I never drink or smoke, and I get the most out of my body.

— Terry Vaughn

The world is getting to be such a dangerous place, a man is lucky to get out of it alive.

— W. C. Fields

It wasn’t until after the reduction that in the lab work, the pathology, that they found that I had DCIS (ductal carcinoma in situ) in my left breast. I was very, very lucky because DCIS is basically stage-zero cancer. So I was very lucky.

— Wanda Sykes

I feel extremely lucky, extremely grateful, and a little bittersweet, too.

— Wentworth Miller

If you’re lucky, and not a lot of actors are these days, you get the chance to create a character.

— William Hurt

I was very lucky when I was a kid – I travelled a lot and spent a lot of time in Africa, Asia and Europe. I also chant in Sanskrit.

— William Hurt

And I was lucky enough to have teachers that really, really looked out for me and really encouraged all that. And in rural Louisiana, that was a rare thing back then.

— William Joyce

I’ve loved making movies. I feel like I’ve been so lucky because I’ve gotten to be in movies that are some of my favorites, regardless of my being in them – like ‘Heathers.’

— Winona Ryder

I just did what I found interesting. I was so lucky that I was able to do that, especially in the ’90s. I was really able to have a life to go back to.

— Winona Ryder

No, that’s poker. To win, you’ve gotta get damned lucky.

— Wilford Brimley

In the 1950s, the Biophysics Laboratory at the University of Geneva was lucky enough to receive each summer for several months the visit of Jean Weigle. He was the former professor of experimental physics at the University of Geneva.

— Werner Arber

I consider it probably one of the biggest honors to be in the Academy. There are only like 1300 actors in it, and as far as I know, you’re a member for life. To this day, I’m wondering how lucky I was.

— William Sanderson

I’ve been really lucky as an inventor. I’m the happiest guy you’re ever going to meet. And my dad died before he realized anybody in the family would maybe, hopefully, make something out of themselves.

— Woody Norris

I’m so lucky, I’ve been so successful, so much has come my way. I want to give back.

— Vendela Kirsebom

You do need to get lucky, no matter how talented you are.

— Viggo Mortensen

Most movies are lucky to have one moment, one shot that you look at and you always remember that moment and that scene.

— Viggo Mortensen

If you’re lucky enough to find a guy with a lot of head and a lot of heart, he’s never going to come off the field second.

— Vince Lombardi

I’m lucky. Usually you’re dead to get your own museum, but I’m still alive to see mine.

— Yogi Berra

Being an actress in China, I’m actually a very lucky actress… Especially now that Chinese movies are becoming more diverse with more viewers overseas.

— Zhou Xun

I’m open to sci-fi, but I was never a diehard fan. I have no idea why it keeps following me. I’m extremely lucky, I guess it’s a lucrative venue.

— Yancy Butler
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