Programming Quotes

Computer programming is pretty much guaranteed income. I’m good at it, and I like it.

— Andy Weir

Obviously with the onset of cable and satellite, there are more opportunities for programming and original programming, so it creates more opportunities for actors and producers and directors and everything.

— Anthony Michael Hall

When I’m 18, I can finally order that paid programming stuff on TV. Like it always says, ‘Must be 18 or older to call,’ so I’ll be able to call! I can finally buy some blenders from the TV.

— Austin Mahone

Don’t tell television, but there is some superior programming being made on the Interwebz.

— Chris Hardwick

Any nerd who grew up around the time that I did, BBC programming was a treasure chest for us.

— Chris Hardwick

The kind of programming that C provides will probably remain similar absolutely or slowly decline in usage, but relatively, JavaScript or its variants, or XML, will continue to become more central.

— Dennis Ritchie

When I was a teenager, I was a huge computer nerd. I went to computer programming camp. I went to space camp.

— Graham Moore

Enzymes – plainly the most important biotechnology of our era – already permeate many industrial processes. Unlike fossil fuels, they carry chemical programming which drives complex reactions, are renewable, and work at ordinary pressures and temperatures.

— Gregory Benford

I’ve enjoyed programming on NPR, but ‘we’re broke’ and therefore all spending must be reduced.

— Jaime Herrera Beutler

When you take the individual out of the equation, then you’re making programming based on some marketer’s idea of what will sell, and not based on the idea of what an individual would like.

— John Seabrook

We spend too much time fretting over the way the industry produces programming, and too little worrying about the way the public consumes it.

— Michael Medved

But active programming consists of the design of new programs, rather than contemplation of old programs.

— Niklaus Wirth

We do a lot of light classical programming with that, too… obviously… a lot of Tchaikovsky music, Grieg, things like that which have become less classical with classical concerts.

— Skitch Henderson

If you think about computer programming, it’s as antisocial as it gets.

— Shawn Fanning

Digitisation will rather consolidate the broadcasting industry in India because once the cable is digitized, then naturally all the programmers can showcase their programming.

— Subhash Chandra

The most important precedents deal with the whole idea of symbolic programming – the notion of setting up symbolic expressions that can represent anything one wants, and then having functions that operate on both their structure and content.

— Stephen Wolfram

I have been an unabashed fan of NPR for many years, and have stolen untold excellent ideas from its programming.

— Ted Koppel

Youku Tudou is a hybrid, like combining Netflix and YouTube. Like Netflix, with Youku, which launched in 2005, we syndicate a library of longform content and create original content. The Tudou model started with user-generated content but is increasingly becoming about partner-generated programming.

— Victor Koo
Programming Quotes

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