Quotes About Accountability

If torture is going to be administered as a last resort in the ticking-bomb case, to save enormous numbers of lives, it ought to be done openly, with accountability, with approval by the president of the United States or by a Supreme Court justice.

— Alan Dershowitz

The best comics enlist you to take accountability for who you are, whether you like it or not.

— Adrian Nicole LeBlanc

When Department of Health and Human Services administrators decided to base 30 percent of hospitals’ Medicare reimbursement on patient satisfaction survey scores, they likely figured that transparency and accountability would improve healthcare.

— Alexandra Robbins

By boosting oversight and accountability, we can empower the VA in its core mission of helping the men and women who have served our country.

— Ann Kirkpatrick

The Federal Reserve, like other central banks, wields powerful tools democratic accountability requires that the public be able to see how and for what purposes those tools are being used.

— Ben Bernanke

Using these unnamed sources, if done properly, carefully and fairly, provides more accountability in government.

— Bob Woodward

If I am going to trash others for their dumb predictions, I must at least hold myself to the same sort of accountability.

— Barry Ritholtz

If we are now holding late-night talk-show hosts to the same moral accountability as we hold politicians or clergymen, I’m out. I’m gone.

— Craig Ferguson

When it comes to privacy and accountability, people always demand the former for themselves and the latter for everyone else.

— David Brin

In addition to demanding answers and accountability from the Veterans Administration, Congress had to act to ensure veterans do not suffer because of the actions of a federal agency.

— Doc Hastings

Individualism. Narcissism. Value-free choices. These are all key elements in the decline of the practice of mutual accountability in Western churches, among clergy and laity alike.

— David Augsburger

You need basically some accountability rules, which means democratic checks and balances at the euro zone level, and definitely, you have to increase convergence in terms of taxes, in terms of social affairs and so on.

— Emmanuel Macron

My wish is to be a catalyst, to push for solutions, to broker peace talks, to ensure accountability, especially for those who committed and are still organizing unspeakable crimes.

— Ger Duany

I think we should all be accountable to our parties, but I also think that accountability should be a process of engagement: that MPs do engage with their constituency parties, do engage with their constituents, and MPs do change their minds on things because of local opinion.

— Jeremy Corbyn

We need, first of all, for there to be accountability, for there to be somebody who is responsible for enforcing standards and holding people’s feet to the fire.

— Jennifer Granholm

I see more people taking on the cloak of accountability, more people tiring of the blame game. If we are all connected and our actions in Australia affect us in Istanbul, then we are all to blame and all to be healers. We can’t blame lawyers anymore for the ‘liability’ vs. common sense imbalance.

— Jane Siberry

The myth of the Kennedys – and the hold – was always the hold of the renegade rich, out there on the frontier beyond accountability.

— John Gregory Dunne

Of everyone else who was running, and there were some very talented people, none of them had anywhere near the experience I had in hiring people, holding them accountable, creating systems for accountability.

— John Hickenlooper

Americans deserve an attorney general that will be honest with them, they deserve an attorney general who will uphold the basic standards of political independence and accountability.

— John Cornyn

Greater personal choice, individually tailored services, stronger local accountability, greater efficiency – these are all central to the new direction of travel we have set for our public services.

— John Hutton

Everyone knows about the substantive issues of concern, like federal health care, but very little is said about the process, the lack of accountability.

— Justin Amash

If men can learn to be less defensive, more open to others, and more accepting of accountability, they will adapt well to the new global economy.

— John Gerzema

Certainly accountability of government is what people are clamoring for they want to know that when lawmakers make a promise or a proposal, you can actually accomplish it.

— Jim Nussle

Tax breaks can serve a vital role in keeping and bringing jobs to our state however, without accountability, they are little more than loopholes at taxpayers’ expense.

— Jeanne Kohl-Welles

Accountability and democratic choice, I deeply believe, are guaranteed by rigorous scrutiny only.

— Jemima Khan

Visit USA.gov and you’ll find thousands of directorates, agencies, boards, offices, and services replete with overlapping responsibilities, ancient priorities, and divided accountability.

— Louis V. Gerstner, Jr.

I introduced the Transparency in Government Act, a multi-faceted transparency bill that would bring unprecedented access and accountability to the federal government.

— Mike Quigley

We need to replace hyperbole with a reasonable, informed discussion about how to reinvent the federal budget with more transparency and better accountability.

— Mike Quigley

In our recovery package we put new standards of accountability and transparency, which we hope will now apply.

— Nancy Pelosi

In a fascist system, it’s not the lies that count but the muddying. When citizens can’t tell real news from fake, they give up their demands for accountability bit by bit.

— Naomi Wolf

One of the things you learn as a journalist is that when there’s no accountability, we humans are capable of tremendous avarice and venality. That’s true of union bosses – and of corporate tycoons. Unions, even flawed ones, can provide checks and balances for flawed corporations.

— Nicholas Kristof

We have got to make sure there is proper independent scrutiny and accountability for people in the press, just as there should be in any other industry where things go wrong. But let’s not try and think it is for politicians or governments to tell people what they stick in newspapers. That is deeply illiberal.

— Nick Clegg

Shockingly, the Government Accountability Institute has reported that the 2008 and 2012 Obama campaigns received questionable contributions of more than $500 million as a result of poor disclosure requirements.

— Paul Gosar

What we are missing, utterly and completely, in this government is accountability.

— Paul Hawken

Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) has called for an audit of the Pentagon, so that we finally have some transparency and accountability in how DOD spends taxpayer dollars.

— Pete Hegseth

A lot of people get elected to Congress, and sometimes a part of their pledge is a term-limit pledge. There’s no accountability.

— Phil Gingrey

Democratic accountability means that governments must be popularly accepted, with citizens empowered to replace corrupt or incompetent rulers.

— Raghuram Rajan

It is crucial that the House exercises its oversight functions to ensure constitutional accountability of government agencies, especially as the bureaucracies associated with ObamaCare and Dodd-Frank flex their muscles and seek to expand their authority.

— Ron DeSantis

If high-tech companies are serious about doing the right thing, they can join together and lobby for more transparency and accountability in the way in which Chinese officialdom deals with Internet services.

— Rebecca MacKinnon

We must perfect a worldwide system of accountability for nuclear, biological and chemical weapons.

— Richard Lugar

Portraying Mozart is a scary task. Whenever I’m asked to portray actual historic figures, it comes with extra accountability. Not just to your director and playwright, but to the man himself and the beloved persona that the public forms.

— Rob McClure

I have observed private and proprietary colleges, like the University of Phoenix, and the market they serve. And I found it intriguing the way in which they are trying to deliver the product, with more accountability, for a price.

— Roy Romer

The keys to brand success are self-definition, transparency, authenticity and accountability.

— Simon Mainwaring

It should be pursued as in the presence of God, and under the solemn sanctions created by a lively sense of his omniscience, and of our accountability to him for the right use of the faculties which he has bestowed.

— Simon Greenleaf

Folks, I mean to keep my word. And if I don’t, I’ll give you my address and some rope. That’s real accountability.

— Stephen Fincher

When you don’t have accountability, there’s no limit to the things that people will say. One of the restraints on the vitriol and the filth that so often is part of the American political debate is that candidates have to stand by their ads.

— Sheldon Whitehouse

We believe strongly in transparency and accountability, which is why Teach For America encourages rigorous independent evaluations of our program. Our mission is too important to operate in any other way.

— Wendy Kopp

Now where people are – at least the people I talk to – they are focused on issues of trust. Accountability also comes up, to make sure that this doesn’t happen again.

— William P. Leahy

I’m a person who promotes the concept of accountability to a great extent, and I’ve spoken in the Parliament and reinforced the need for accountability.

— Vijay Mallya
Quotes About Accountability

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