Quotes About Holocaust

From 1983 to 2000, William Goren stole more than $30 million from investors on Long Island and in Queens. His favorite targets were widows and retired couples, like Helga and Simon Novack, Holocaust survivors who gave Mr. Goren their life savings.

— Alex Berenson

I’m obsessed with history, especially WWII and the Jews in Europe during the Holocaust.

— Amy Heckerling

You can talk about Holocaust denial, but it’s really marginal for the most part. What is compelling about the Armenian genocide, is how it has been forgotten.

— Atom Egoyan

There is a lot of interest among the descendants of Holocaust victims in getting back artworks that were looted by the Nazis, for getting at least some form of compensation and closure for the horrors visited upon their families.

— Alex Shoumatoff

President Obama himself has attributed the legitimacy of the Jewish State not to its historic identity as Jewish territory, but to the Holocaust.

— Ben Shapiro

The slogan ‘Never Again!’ that emerged after the Holocaust implies that the Holocaust has a universal moral meaning, which, if properly learned, can provide at least a theoretical prophylactic against its repetition against anyone.

— David Novak

The Holocaust, taken by itself, is a black hole. To look at it directly is to be swallowed up by it.

— David Novak

Modernity has been largely shaped for Jews by three momentous experiences: the acquisition of citizenship by individual Jews in secular nation-states, the destruction of one-third of Jewry in the Holocaust, and the founding of the State of Israel.

— David Novak

Abbas is on his way to becoming a professor of terrorism. After denying the Holocaust in his doctoral thesis, he now claims that Hamas is not a terrorist organization.

— Danny Danon

Even post-WWII, nobody talked about the Holocaust. It wasn’t until the ’50s that people started talking about it.

— Eli Roth

From its earliest days in the nineteenth century, and until the Holocaust, the Orthodox rabbinate in eastern Europe was not enthusiastic about the Zionist movement, which at the time was led by irreligious Jews.

— Elliott Abrams

Empires came and went while we, the Jewish people, persecuted relentlessly, facing expulsions and pogroms and the Holocaust, survived. We survived thanks to the Torah and faith in the Lord.

— Eli Yishai

Yet, nearly 6 decades after the Holocaust concluded, Anti-Semitism still exists as the scourge of the world.

— Eliot Engel

Holocaust denial, once the preserve of fringe conspiracy theorists, has mutated into Holocaust obfuscation, equivocation, and specious comparison on a larger scale than ever.

— Ephraim Mirvis

I don’t want to close the door that if any of us were president of the United States that we would sit idly by and watch something like the Holocaust go down. I don’t want to close the door on the United States involving themselves and putting a stop to that. Can we spend money on that? Yeah, I think so.

— Gary Johnson

We cannot calculate the numbers of people who left, fled or were fished out of Europe just ahead of the Holocaust.

— Gene Tierney

What I’m very upset about is the attempt to dictate to museums what they show, and the statements made by politicians in Washington that have curtailed the freedom of the National Endowment for the Arts. The attention to those issues is deflected by the spin of my supposedly having trivialized the Holocaust.

— Hans Haacke

I’ve said before that I am not a historian and that when it comes to speaking of the dimensions of the Holocaust, it is the historians that should reflect on it.

— Hassan Rouhani

It is often said of me – some intend it as a compliment, others as a complaint – that I write about a single subject: the Holocaust. I have no quarrel with that. Why shouldn’t I accept, with certain qualifications, the place assigned to me on the shelves of libraries?

— Imre Kertesz

The Jews were gassed. Armenians were killed in every conceivable way… So the Holocaust doesn’t interest me, see? They’ve had a lot of publicity, but they didn’t suffer as much.

— Jack Kevorkian

The need for reflection and restraint of power is what led Louis Freeh to order that all new agent classes visit the Holocaust Museum here in Washington so they could see and feel and hear in a palpable way the consequences of abuse of power on a massive, almost unimaginable scale.

— James Comey

People are feeling and sensing a return of anti-Semitism – even in Europe, which, seventy years after the Holocaust, is a very scary thing. I think they are feeling that Israel is very isolated and doesn’t always get what they see as fair treatment in the European media.

— Jonathan Sacks

The Holocaust of Nazi Germany is certainly no less of a historic crime than the Holocaust that went on for centuries against African-Americans. That process of reparations, and a truth and reconciliation discussion, was extremely helpful in the country of Germany, and we need to have that here.

— Jill Stein

My novella, ‘The Lucky One,’ is inspired in part by my dad and also by a Holocaust survivor I interviewed for the Steven Spielberg Survivors of the Shoah Foundation.

— Jenna Blum

We do a lot of shows for young people who have probably never been to the theater before and they are learning about the Holocaust, which unhappily, many of them do not know about.

— Linda Lavin

Viewing Israelis and Palestinians from a psychological perspective, they would both be seen as victims of abuse that is how they both understandably feel, and it’s how they both understandably behave. The Jewish psyche is in victimized reaction to the Holocaust, and the Palestinian psyche is in victimized reaction to the Israelis.

— Marianne Williamson

If you’re fleeing Nazi Germany in 1939 and you’re a Jew, you don’t think so much about relationships. People didn’t have a lot of divorces during the Holocaust, for instance.

— Mike Nichols

Even with the best intentions, you can have a nuclear war, a nuclear holocaust, through miscalculation, through accidents.

— Mohamed ElBaradei

It is deeply shocking and incomprehensible to me that despite volumes of documentation and living witnesses who can attest to the horrors of the Holocaust, there are still those who would deny it.

— Mark Udall

I certainly think that another Holocaust can happen again. It did already occur think of Cambodia, Rwanda, and Bosnia.

— Miep Gies

Father God, we just ask You to open Your wide, wide arms and look down upon us, Lord, and lead us, and let us know what we should do to stop this, this terrible, terrible holocaust.

— Norma McCorvey

There is no way a non-Jew could say what I did in ‘The Holocaust Industry’ without being labelled a Holocaust denier. I am labelled a Holocaust denier, too.

— Norman Finkelstein

Indeed, the field of Holocaust studies is replete with nonsense if not sheer fraud.

— Norman Finkelstein

I am not saying that factory farming is the same as the Holocaust or the slave trade, but it’s clear that there is an immense amount of suffering in it, and just as we think that the Nazis were wrong to ignore the suffering of their victims, so we are wrong to ignore the sufferings of our victims.

— Peter Singer

What I’m trying to say is the Holocaust was a horrific crime against humanity and frankly, I would never want to see that repeated.

— Paul LePage

The radio even weren’t allowed to say there was a Holocaust and people were being killed right, left and center in these terrible camps.

— Patrick Macnee

We demand that people don’t deny the Holocaust, and we can’t ignore the tragedy of another nation.

— Reuven Rivlin

I was not raised a Zionist, but a socialist, as were most Jews before the Holocaust.

— Roseanne Barr

To me, the Holocaust stands alone as the most horrible human event in modern civilization.

— Robert Shapiro

One reason that I embarked on a study of Nazi doctors was that in this personal journey, I had the feeling increasingly that I did want to do a Holocaust study and that increasingly I wanted it to be of perpetrators, which I thought was more needed.

— Robert Jay Lifton

I have a ton of Holocaust stuff, and some of it is really hard core.

— Sarah Silverman

When I was in college, my school newspaper accepted an ad from a Holocaust revisionist organization. This would have been offensive on most college campuses across the country, but I went to a school with a very large Jewish population, so the ad, as you might expect, stirred absolute outrage.

— Simon Sinek

The whole Indian thing, I always say it’s really the American holocaust. It’s something we need to look at.

— Skeet Ulrich

It was commonplace to hear it said, after the Bosnian genocide kicked off in 1992 and the Rwandan genocide erupted in 1994 and the Darfur genocide began in 2003, that the ‘international community’ had learned nothing since the Holocaust.

— Terry Glavin

For while the threat of nuclear holocaust has been significantly reduced, the world remains a very unsettled and dangerous place.

— William S. Cohen

We can know that the Christian God cannot exist. If he is all-powerful and all-good, as Christians maintain, there would not have been, for instance, the Holocaust. This is an inherent self-contradiction. So if Christians insist on having a God, they can do so, but if they have any respect for logic they’ll have to redefine who he is.

— Vincent Bugliosi

The risk of the Holocaust is not that it will be forgotten, but that it will be embalmed and surrounded by monuments and used to absolve all future sins.

— Zygmunt Bauman
Quotes About Holocaust

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