Quotes About Sex

Sex? Unfortunately, as you get older – and I shouldn’t admit this – there are other things that become more important in your daily life.

— Alex Trebek

Charlotte Bronte was writing about sex. I supposed Jane Austen was, too. Where do you get a hero like Darcy unless you are writing about sex?

— Alice Munro

And ‘Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll’ was a very transitional film for me in that I was one of the producers and you know, came up with the idea with the writer and the producer, as well. But, it was a very collaborative event. You know, I really love working in that way.

— Andy Serkis

Because I was extremely uncomfortable talking about sex with him at all and particularly in such a graphic way, I told him that I did not want to talk about these subjects.

— Anita Hill

The FBI has had a history of sex discrimination complaints brought against it, as well as race discrimination.

— Anita Hill

Anger has been a really big deal for women: how can we express it without feeling that, as the physically weaker sex, we won’t get killed. The alpha-woman was burned at the stake and had her head chopped off in days of old.

— Alanis Morissette

Remember, sex is like a Chinese dinner. It ain’t over ’til you both get your cookie.

— Alec Baldwin

I need more sex, OK? Before I die I wanna taste everyone in the world.

— Angelina Jolie

The fact is I am not having sex. But I feel absolutely ripe for the, what would you say? plucking?

— Angelina Jolie

We talk about feelings. And about sex. And about bodies, and their gratification, violation, repair, decoration, deferred, maybe permanently deferred, mortality. Feelings are a bodily thing, and respecting them is called, is, kindness.

— A. S. Byatt

My favorite thing in the world is a box of fine European chocolates which is, for sure, better than sex.

— Alicia Silverstone

It’s a cliche, but Americans are puritanical. In their movies, they are scared of sex, but they overindulge in violence. I could have cut a G-rated version of ‘Y Tu Mama Tambien’ that would have pleased the American ratings board, but it would have been five minutes long.

— Alfonso Cuaron

A lot of guys I know loved ‘Sex and the City.’ They’ll take it to their grave, but they watched every episode of it.

— Allison Williams

The beautiful feeling after writing a poem is on the whole better even than after sex, and that’s saying a lot.

— Anne Sexton

I remember I was unsure about doing ‘Shameless.’ I’d never acted in anything so commercial. I read the script in the garden with my mum, Mary. She said it’s filthy dirty, but she said these people have love and sex and nothing else. That made me take the role.

— Anne-Marie Duff

If you agree to do a sex scene, you have to be willing to not be awkward about it. C’mon! I don’t think of it as anything other than a dance, really. I don’t see that person. I don’t think of me being me.

— Aaron Taylor-Johnson

There are many men – such as those often to be found among the Indians – who are refined until they have qualities often attributed to the female sex. Yet they are men, and strong ones.

— Agnes Smedley

Our stock in trade is raw, flailing sex.

— Al Goldstein

Sometimes the books most restrained about sex, even deeply scandalized by it, can whisper to us with the greatest hidden force. I am a huge admirer of the recently deceased, always underranked Evan S. Connell.

— Allan Gurganus

For anybody living out their twenties, Sex and Career remain major topics: being sexy can help give you a career, and having a career can make others finally find you sexier.

— Allan Gurganus

Yet, if the most frequent sex and apparently the best sex is that between married partners who are faithful to one another, is there not a hint that affection might be an important aspect of sex? Even love?

— Andrew Greeley

I feel like it’s the most unnatural thing for two humans, especially of the opposite sex, to live in harmony under one roof. You realize how different men and women are.

— Ashley Monroe

No way, because there’s love relationships, there’s sex relationships and then there’s the band.

— Ann Wilson

People’s attitudes about sex aren’t healthy anywhere, except maybe in those tribes where they go around naked.

— Asia Argento

There are only two guidelines in good sex, don’t do anything you don’t really enjoy and find out what are your partner needs and don’t balk them if you can help it.

— Alex Comfort

I learned to think about religion, race and sex through the complex and often unattractive medium of jokes.

— Andrew Hudgins

But for Muslims, everything that they don’t have on earth is what they get in heaven. They can drink, they can have sex. All of the forbidden pleasures on earth, you can have in paradise.

— Barbara Walters

I saw the Sex Pistols, and they were terrible.

— Bernard Sumner

You can be enticed by food, wooed by food, sex, money, or instruments.

— Bernie Worrell

Marriage is for women the commonest mode of livelihood, and the total amount of undesired sex endured by women is probably greater in marriage than in prostitution.

— Bertrand Russell

If sex is such a natural phenomenon, how come there are so many books on how to do it?

— Bette Midler

Great sex is wonderful while it’s happening, but who remembers great sex they had in 1983?

— Bob Seger

Once you see your nature, sex is basically immaterial.

— Bodhidharma

I hate the whole reluctant sex-symbol thing. It’s such bull. You see these dudes greased up, in their underwear, talking about how they don’t want to be a sex symbol.

— Ben Affleck

People’s sex habits are as well known in Hollywood as their political opinions, and much less criticized.

— Ben Hecht

I started going to Madame Louise’s, the lesbian club where all the punk bands used to go – the Sex Pistols, the Clash. I remember seeing Billy Idol walk in there he was gorgeous.

— Boy George

No sex, age, or condition is above or below the absolute necessity of modesty but without it one vastly beneath the rank of man.

— Bruce Barton

I don’t really remember a whole lot of sex, drugs and rock n’ roll, really.

— Bill Bruford

Kinsey was trying to study sex scientifically, get rid of the overlay of culture and religion.

— Bill Condon

That whole sex symbol thing I never took seriously to begin with. Thank goodness, or I’d be suffering right now because it’s out of your hands what happens to you with age.

— Bo Derek

Among men, sex sometimes results in intimacy among women, intimacy sometimes results in sex.

— Barbara Cartland

Our constitution should be inspired by the philosophy of the Koran with principles that are set in stone and not open to the whims of individual judges, as is the case now. In particular, the constitution should protect every citizen’s basic human rights regardless of their sex, status or sect. Everyone should be equal before the law.

— Basmah bint Saud

All the songs we do are basically about one of three things: booze, sex or rock n roll.

— Bon Scott

Unless you burst into movies as a sex goddess, you’re likely to play wives and mothers. I came into movies as a teenager in ‘They Shoot Horses, Don’t They’ (1969) playing a pregnant waif from the Ozarks. I didn’t get a chance to burst into movies in ‘Body Heat.’ My career isn’t based on having a 23-inch waist and a big bust, though I do.

— Bonnie Bedelia

No age, sex, or condition is above or below the absolute necessity of modesty but without it one is vastly beneath the rank of man.

— Bernard Barton

If you go out to dinner with someone, you find out what they prefer in food. We ought to be able to have a conversation to find out what people prefer when it comes to sex.

— Betty Dodson

If you live in rock and roll, as I do, you see the reality of sex, of male lust and women being aroused by male lust. It attracts women. It doesn’t repel them.

— Camille Paglia

The ’90s are really the ‘Sex and the City’ woman, and I think, right now, the new contemporary woman is the ‘Lipstick Jungle’ woman.

— Candace Bushnell

I really get inspired by songs. Like, if I hear a thug ‘Want to kill ya’ song, I’m ready to go out and get crazy. Or if you hear this really sexual, sensual slow song, I want to go have sex. I’m very animalistic when it comes to stuff like that. Very basic emotions.

— Channing Tatum

When people talk about the ’60s I never think that was me there. It was me and I was in it, but I was never enamoured with all that. It’s supposed to be sex and drugs and rock and roll and I’m not really like that. I’ve never really seen the Rolling Stones as anything.

— Charlie Watts

I refuse the compliment that I think like a man, thought has no sex, one either thinks or one does not.

— Clare Boothe Luce

To succeed with the opposite sex, tell her you’re impotent. She can’t wait to disprove it.

— Cary Grant

You’ve got to have a sense of humour about sex. When you look at it, it’s all pretty ridiculous, isn’t it?

— Cat Deeley

Valentino was apparently gay or bisexual. And his two lesbian wives. But without any question, he had sex with men. From choice. So he was one or the other.

— Cesar Romero

I’m such a private person, and sexuality is such a private thing. A sex scene is much harder than a fight scene. It’s one thing to say, ‘Kick higher,’ but ‘Kiss harder’ – that’s just crazy.

— Carrie-Anne Moss

Sex and the City changed New York-New York’s become a big shoe store now, unfortunately.

— Chris Noth

It’s very witty and it’s great to see teenage characters have control that way. And you can actually hear about sex and pot and it’s okay, it’s not completely bad and you can’t say that to teenagers.

— Caroline Dhavernas

They wanted to hear about the sex, of course. But not the rest no one wanted to hear the rest.

— Christine Keeler

I won’t say I didn’t like it at the time, the sex, that is, because I wouldn’t have let him do it at all if that had been the case.

— Christine Keeler

I had to lie so much about sex, first when I was 15, because I wasn’t supposed to be having it. And then when I got older, I lied to everybody I was having sex with, so I could have sex with other people.

— Cybill Shepherd

My biographer said that my parties reminded them of a vicarage tea party, with sex thrown in.

— Cynthia Payne

Galvanised into action by the second trial, I was determined to change Britain’s archaic sex laws.

— Cynthia Payne

I’m the girl next door, not the sex symbol.

— Carla Gallo

Reading is like the sex act – done privately, and often in bed.

— Daniel J. Boorstin

I think Mick Jagger would be astounded and amazed if he realized that to many people he is not a sex symbol, but a mother image.

— David Bowie

Sex is great until you die, but it’s never as great as it was when you were a kid, when it was a mystery.

— David Duchovny

Sex is a doorway to something so powerful and mystical, but movies usually depict it in a completely flat way.

— David Lynch

The time has come to repeal ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.’ It is the right thing to do. Every American should have the opportunity to serve their country, regardless of race, sex, creed, or sexual orientation.

— Dianne Feinstein

Forget sex or politics or religion, loneliness is the subject that clears out a room.

— Douglas Coupland

This movie will actually increase the sex life of parents everywhere because they can put this on, with the 45 minutes of extras and they’ve got almost two hours to do whatever they’ve got to do while the kids watch the movie.

— Dana Carvey

We are at a major epoch in human history, which is that we don’t need sex to recreate the race. You can have babies without sex. This is the first time in human history that has been true, and it means, for example, we could do some extraordinary things.

— David Cronenberg

You know, music is sex. It’s a sensual driving mode that affects people if it’s played a certain way.

— Dick Dale

Any actor that’s like, ‘I hate the fact that I’m getting all of this attention,’ is a liar. Especially when it’s from the opposite sex.

— Donald Faison

I think so much of the horror film is about our primal instincts, and our primal instincts are not just towards violence. It’s also towards sex. I feel like horror movies, as much as they’re about violence, they’re also about sex. It’s about our instincts, so in that regard, it’s crucial that you honor both of those things.

— Drew Goddard

When I did ‘Sex and the City,’ it was like, ‘Let’s do a comedy where the humor is not coming from innuendo but from the a truthful place. This is a show where we’re going to be able to say and do what we want.’

— Darren Star

They are imported by companies, controlled as serfs, worked like slaves, and at last go back to China with all their earnings. They are in every place, they seem to have no sex. Boys work, girls work it is all alike to them.

— Denis Kearney

For lack of a better term, they’ve labeled me a sex symbol. It’s flattering and it should happen to every bald, overweight guy.

— Dennis Franz

Except for Carrie Bradshaw’s in the opening credits of ‘Sex and the City,’ I don’t know if the tutu has ever really been trendy, but I want to wear one. I want to dance around in it, and I want that to be socially acceptable.

— Devin Kelley

Everyone seems agreed that writing about sex is perilous, partly because it threatens to swamp highly individualised characters in a generic, featureless activity (much like coffee-cup dialogue, during which everyone sounds the same), and partly because it feels… tacky.

— Edmund White

I find the whole concept of women screaming at me so odd. It’s very flattering, but I don’t think I will ever consider myself to be a sex symbol.

— Ed Sheeran

I understand by this passion the union of desire, friendship, and tenderness, which is inflamed by a single female, which prefers her to the rest of her sex, and which seeks her possession as the supreme or the sole happiness of our being.

— Edward Gibbon

I just feel like every kid is growing up too fast and they’re seeing too much. Everything is about sex, and that’s fine for me. I’m not saying I don’t like it. But I don’t think it should be everywhere, where kids are exposed to everything sexual. Because they have to have some innocence there’s just no innocence left.

— Ellen DeGeneres

There is nothing wrong with going to bed with someone of your own sex. People should be very free with sex, they should draw the line at goats.

— Elton John

In terms of men I fancy, I think the actor James Franco is gorgeous. But I find it odd to be described as a sex symbol myself.

— Emma Watson

My mother was like a sister to me, only we didn’t have sex quite so often.

— Emo Philips

Emancipation from every kind of bondage is my principle. I go for recognition of human rights, without distinction of sect, party, sex, or color.

— Ernestine Rose

Fay has spirituality too, but she also has that very real sex appeal that takes hold of the hearts of men.

— Erich von Stroheim

The Americans have always been food, sex, and spirit revivalists.

— Edward Dahlberg

I was just talking about women, just in terms of understanding them as much as we can ever understand the opposite sex. I’m trying to let go of certain male approaches to things that you inherit, that you grow up with.

— Fred Ward

The Rubicons which women must cross, the sex barriers which they must breach, are ultimately those that exist in their own minds.

— Freda Adler

Just because you’re of the same sex, what difference does it make? Get married to whomever you want.

— Famke Janssen

In Islamic societies, politicians can manipulate almost everything. But thus far, no fundamentalist leader has been able to convince his supporters to renounce Islam’s central virtue – the principle of strict equality between human beings, regardless of sex, race, or creed.

— Fatema Mernissi

And, of course, they’ve always condemned dancing. You know, you might touch a member of the opposite sex. And you might get excited and you might do something natural.

— Frank McCourt

Of the opposite sex, I have the moustache and, in general, the face.

— Frida Kahlo

In America, sex is preached in France, it is done.

— Fritz Lang

Particularly black Americans, many of them, from quotes that I have seen and conversations I’ve had, are sort of insulted that the civil rights movement is being hijacked – the rhetoric of the civil rights movement is being hijacked for something like same sex marriage. Black Americans tend to have a higher degree of religiosity.

— Gary Bauer

Sexuality surrounds us like a dangerous aura. The same reverence that is given to the spirit is not given to the flesh. We have had a sexual revolution, but the sexual revolution only has made sex more pervasive. It hasn’t granted the level of reverence and respect that it should have.

— Gioconda Belli

I never thought that sex was wrong, sinful, dirty. When you take away the thought of things being dirty or forbidden, then you can really enjoy your sensuality.

— Gioconda Belli

Why should we take advice on sex from the pope? If he knows anything about it, he shouldn’t!

— George Bernard Shaw

Journalists ask me, ‘Why don’t you ever talk about sex in your performances?’ True, I don’t talk about sex – not in my personal life and not in my professional life. This is modesty.

— Gad Elmaleh

Sex and older women used to be considered an oxymoron, rarely mentioned in the same breath.

— Gail Sheehy

Obviously there is no such thing as race, and in many ways, sex is a continuum, not a binary. So it doesn’t make sense to label people in that way.

— Gloria Steinem

If every time you engage in a sex act, you go into a confession box, you will never accept your own sexuality.

— George Weinberg

Literature – creative literature – unconcerned with sex, is inconceivable.

— Gertrude Stein

Sex is. There is nothing more to be done about it. Sex builds no roads, writes no novels and sex certainly gives no meaning to anything in life but itself.

— Gore Vidal

Burger King’s business model was broken. But it was like sex in the ’50s. Everyone knew it, but no one would talk about it.

— Greg Brenneman

Every theory of love, from Plato down, teaches that each individual loves in the other sex what he lacks in himself.

— G. Stanley Hall

People had an idea of what R&B artists or pop artists usually say, which was like, ‘Talk about sex, talk about partying, and be positive don’t be too much of a downer.’

— Gallant

My play Safe Sex was picked apart because critics thought it was untrue. It was a play in which no one had AIDS, but the characters talked about how it was going to change their lives.

— Harvey Fierstein

Sex lies at the root of life, and we can never learn to reverence life until we know how to understand sex.

— Havelock Ellis

When you write, you are not either sex. But when you’re read you are definitely gendered.

— Hilary Mantel

The major civilizing force in the world is not religion, it is sex.

— Hugh Hefner

Sex is not a subject in my photographs, or would only be if it had to do with romance, sometimes vulnerability. The photographs are quite clearly about happiness, or search for happiness.

— Hedi Slimane

When punk began to be a genre, people were going to go out and try to mine it. Some of the better groups, like the Ramones and the Sex Pistols, were very artificial.

— Iggy Pop

To be honest, I really don’t like being the sex object.

— Izabella Scorupco

According to New York publishers, Bill Clinton will get more money for his book than Hillary Clinton got for hers. Well, duh. At least his book has some sex in it.

— Jay Leno

I was a Christian. I didn’t want to have sex before marriage, I was a bit uptight and not very self-confident. I was a virgin until I was 26.

— Jimmy Carr

Love is an ice cream sundae, with all the marvelous coverings. Sex is the cherry on top.

— Jimmy Dean

Neither sex, without some fertilization of the complimentary characters of the other, is capable of the highest reaches of human endeavor.

— Jean-Paul Sartre

I don’t know what it means to be a sex symbol. When I look myself on a magazine cover I don’t see it as me, but as someone painted, fluffed, puffed and done up.

— Jennifer Aniston

I’ve always said, I thought the Sex Pistols was more Music Hall than anything else – because I think that really, more truths are said in humour than any other form.

— John Lydon

For male and female alike, the bodies of the other sex are messages signaling what we must do, they are glowing signifiers of our own necessities.

— John Updike

A geometry implies the heterogeneity of locus, namely that there is a locus of the Other. Regarding this locus of the Other, of one sex as Other, as absolute Other, what does the most recent development in topology allow us to posit?

— Jacques Lacan

We were talking about the kissing in the movie just recently. Clearly, it’s pretty challenging material, but Ang said two men herding sheep was far more sexual than two men having sex on screen.

— Jake Gyllenhaal

Everybody who labels themselves a ‘nerd’ isn’t some giant person locked in a cubbyhole who’s never seen the opposite sex. Especially with the way the Internet is now, I think that definition is getting a little more diffuse.

— Joss Whedon

I love to write. I love it. I mean there’s nothin in the world I like better, and that includes sex, probably because I’m so very bad at it.

— Joss Whedon

When people say, ‘You’re perceived as a sex symbol,’ I love the idea of that because it’s so absurd.

— James Nesbitt

When I think of sex symbols, I think of posters my two sisters had on their bedroom walls.

— Jamie Dornan

I think it’s been a little difficult at times for the audience, because they’ve told me they see me as a family member. So to see your little sister sing about sex… I think they are pretty used to it now.

— Janet Jackson

Beyond the beauty, the sex, the titillation, the surface, there is a human being. And that has to emerge.

— Jeanne Moreau

I became a human jukebox, learning all these songs I’d always known, discovering the basics of what I do. The cathartic part was in the essential act of singing. When is it that the voice becomes an elixir? It’s during flirting, courtship, sex. Music’s all that.

— Jeff Buckley

I got great sex education, and I always knew that if I wanted to be sexually active, I had to have safe sex.

— Jenny Slate

I need sex for a clear complexion, but I’d rather do it for love.

— Joan Crawford

The maddening thing is as actors of either sex, we get better as we get older, and so when you are 65, you think, ‘I could play Juliet now. I understand it.’

— Joanna Lumley

Nope, no sex scandals yet. But I am open to offers!

— John Cusack

At the time I came along, Hollywood’s idea of teen movies meant there had to be a lot of nudity, usually involving boys in pursuit of sex, and pretty gross overall. Either that or a horror movie. And the last thing Hollywood wanted in their teen movies was teenagers!

— John Hughes

I love being regarded as a sex symbol, but I can’t take it too seriously.

— John Travolta

Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian would have left little more than lipstick stains in their passing had it not been for the sex videos that lofted them into reality-TV notoriety. Once notoriety has warmed into familiarity, celebrity itself becomes one big ‘Brady Bunch’ reunion, or a therapy session with Dr. Drew.

— James Wolcott

There are over 500,000 registered sex offenders across the country, and statistics have shown that the recidivism rate for those criminals is high.

— Jim Sensenbrenner

Knowing that the ‘Sex and the City’ chicks now rack up almost two centuries between them, why do some of us fuss and hiss about a bit of retouching on their forthcoming film poster?

— Julie Burchill

This girl wanted me to experience something I’d never experienced. She tried three times to get me high. Finally it worked, and I had the most incredible sex I’d ever had.

— Jack Herer

It was described as Sex and the Suburbs. It’s so not that. Because on Sex and the City, those women told each other everything on our show, it’s much more like the real suburbs – nobody tells anybody anything. Everything’s a secret.

— James Denton

The true feeling of sex is that of a deep intimacy, but above all of a deep complicity.

— James Dickey

No, I am not interested in women or sex or anything.

— Jonny Greenwood

I am deeply Catholic and always will be, but I’m no longer a member of the church. I left in 2003 because of the sex abuse scandal.

— Julianna Baggott

I believe in sex on a first date. Otherwise, how do you know if a second date is worth the effort?

— Jacki Weaver

When I moved to Seattle, I was hanging out with kids who had done drugs, had sex a million times. I look at them now and realize their childhood was taken away.

— Jeff Ament

I always think the Sex Pistols and the Ramones as very, very important because they stripped things down.

— Jim Jarmusch

It’s not my plan or whatever in my life to be a sex symbol. It never is. You are who you are, but you can’t help what you look like. And when you do a film, like for me, it’s just not about that. I would prefer to downplay it. I prefer to downplay the sex appeal.

— Jessica Biel

I don’t think I’ll ever be comfortable being considered a sex symbol, especially after you work with someone like George Clooney.

— John Krasinski

Sometimes I watch the broad comedies coming out of Hollywood and I think, ‘You know, sex is a big part of people’s lives, but is that really the only thing men are ever concerned about?’ People are more complicated than they appear in film or television.

— Josh Radnor

The psychology of a complex mind must differ almost as much from that of a simple, mechanized mind as its psychology would from ours because something that must underlie and perhaps be even greater than sex is involved.

— John Desmond Bernal

Like all citizens, Ms. McNeill has the right to be free from unlawful employment practices such as sex discrimination and retaliation.

— John Hawkins

The romance stuff is easy. A sex scene… that’s hard, because you don’t know what to do. Those scenes are awkward.

— John Turturro

Something about being projected on a 70 foot screen makes you more attractive and appealing to the opposite sex, which is pretty scary.

— Jason Biggs

Down on Me’ can’t showcase my true talent. ‘Birthday Sex’ was robotic. When I perform it, I can’t give you this church feeling I know I can give.

— Jeremih

It is not sex by itself that interests me, but its particular role in American consciousness, and in my own life.

— Jerzy Kosinski

I didn’t know I was a sex symbol in the U.K., but if I am, then I’m flattered.

— Jessie Pavelka

Spock was the sex symbol. A lot of people think it was Kirk. But, no, it was really Spock.

— Jolene Blalock

Obviously sex and nudity sells, but that’s what people go to cable for but that’s not going to happen on network daytime television… so I think it really is always going to come down to story. How do you make a story interesting enough so people will tune in? That’s always going to be it.

— Jack Wagner

To me, sex is sex and I don’t think it is or should be a problem. Maybe my presenting it that way will unscrew up a few heads out there, including my own.

— Jaime Hernandez

Vampires are immortal, you can do whatever you want, and get away with it. And there’s the seduction part of course, sex is a big part of the vampire thing.

— Jonny Lee Miller

In advertising, sex sells. But only if you’re selling sex.

— Jef I. Richards

Commercials on television are similar to sex and taxes the more talk there is about them, the less likely they are to be curbed.

— Jack Gould

I’d say without a doubt I’ve had the most sex scenes in any television show, ever. Last season I did eight sex scenes in one day – I haven’t topped that yet.

— Julian McMahon

When one is required to preside over the Church, and be entrusted with the care of so many souls, the whole female sex must retire before the magnitude of the task, and the majority of men also.

— John Chrysostom

To be womanly is one thing, and one only it is to be sensitive to man, to be highly endowed with the sex instinct to be manly is to be sensitive to woman.

— Jane Harrison

I thank God I was raised Catholic, so sex will always be dirty.

— John Waters

The rights of one sex, political and otherwise, are the same as those of the other sex, and this equality of rights ought to be fully recognized.

— Leland Stanford

I want, in this school, that one sex shall have equal advantage with the other, and I want particularly that females shall have open to them every employment suitable to their sex.

— Leland Stanford

My wife is a sex object – every time I ask for sex, she objects.

— Les Dawson

But, you know, there’s still an argument, there’s still ten states that outlaw premarital sex, and many more states where adultery is still outlawed and a crime.

— Liam Neeson

Well I think people think sex is controversial. Not always, but certainly it’s something to be discussed.

— Liam Neeson

A sex symbol? A symbol of sex? I don’t think that I am a sex symbol, although it’s very flattering. I’m 59, now, so I think I’m possibly past my sell-by date. I think I am.

— Liam Neeson

But, you know, sex is controversial, it just is and it always will be.

— Liam Neeson

At the Sex Institute in Bloomington, Indiana, they were a phenomenal help, too. We went out there for a few days, and they gave us access to materials. And the biographies, there are four or five, ranging from very poor to excellent.

— Liam Neeson

I haven’t had sex in eight months. To be honest, I now prefer to go bowling.

— Lil’ Kim

But God, who is immortal, has no need of difference of sex, nor of succession.

— Lactantius

Therefore, if the gods are immortal and eternal, what need is there of the other sex, when they themselves do not require succession, since they are always about to exist?

— Lactantius

I expect to plead not for the slave only, but for suffering humanity everywhere. Especially do I mean to labor for the elevation of my sex.

— Lucy Stone

When writing sex scenes, there is often no pleasing anyone, except perhaps the writer herself.

— Lynn Coady

I avoid writing about sex out of a certainty that no matter how grown up and matter-of-fact I might try to be, there is a snickering yet nun-terrorized 12-year-old-boy inside me who would at some point be certain to grab the reins in his hairy palms.

— Lynn Coady

Two things I do well in books are sex and violence, but I don’t want gratuitous sex or violence. The sex and violence are only as graphic as need be. And never included unless it furthers the plot or character development.

— Laurell K. Hamilton

I think Henry Miller has had huge influence not because he wrote about sex, but because the memoir or the nonfiction novel has become such a monumental force in American publishing, if not in literature.

— Leslie Fiedler

I was actually a bit disappointed about the amount of sex in the show. I think Backus should get out a bit more, get a relationship, perhaps make her a lesbian.

— Lexa Doig

By the way, you won’t put that thing in about me wanting to have sex on a football pitch, will you?

— Louise Nurding

I felt pressure to follow in Madonna’s footsteps, and I didn’t want to base my career on sex. So I began to change how I saw myself.

— La India

When guys talk about sex, eyebrows don’t get raised. It’s different for girls.

— Lauren Myracle

People over 30 are interested in sex too, but they get real movies about it.

— Linda Fiorentino

The media tends to portray the teenage world as one where drinking and sex is taken for granted. In fact, I think most teenagers don’t drink, are unsure of themselves, and feel awkward around members of the opposite sex.

— Louis Sachar

The truth is, sex doesn’t mean that much to me now.

— Lana Turner

Sex keeps me in shape. I don’t diet, I eat what I like. I love Mars bars and I smoke and drink. But I love running off in the middle of the day to make love. It really burns up calories.

— Lisa Snowdon

Sex should not be in the movies and should be in the home, and violence should be in the movies and not in the home.

— Lee Tamahori

They say you can rap about anything except for Jesus, that means guns, sex, lies, video tapes, but if I talk about God my record won’t get played Huh?

— Kanye West

I have never, ever talked about my orientation or sexuality because whether I am heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, asexual, it is my concern. I refuse to talk about it… I have not been brought up to talk about my sex life.

— Karan Johar

If someone had told me years ago that sharing a sense of humour was so vital to partnerships, I could have avoided a lot of sex!

— Kate Beckinsale

The thing women must do to rise to power is to redefine their femininity. Once, power was considered a masculine attribute. In fact, power has no sex.

— Katharine Graham

Once, power was considered a masculine attribute. In fact, power has no sex.

— Katharine Graham

Sex is biological, but gender is mental.

— Kehlani

I went to Catholic school and they basically just said don’t have sex, but would never explain anything.

— Khloe Kardashian

It’s the teenage and university crowd, so we give them lots of sex jokes and gross humour.

— Keenen Ivory Wayans

Well, I think that abstinence has its place as part of a comprehensive health and sex education curriculum. It would be wrong to exclude abstinence from a health curriculum, because there are some potentially very serious ramifications for early sexual activity.

— Kerry Healey

At a pool party, with everybody around, a guy and I had sex in the pool, but nobody knew it.

— Krista Allen

Sex is a momentary itch, love never lets you go.

— Kingsley Amis

I have no sense of myself as a sex symbol at all. But the meaning of sex symbol might be a little different in Japan to elsewhere. The Japanese version seems to come with a stronger emphasis on a sort of grownup or mature male charm. And if that’s the case, then I guess I’m happy to hear it.

— Ken Watanabe

I’m someone that examines culture and tries to break down why things are the way that they are whether its hip-hop music, sex, race, or consumerism. I try to examine it and scrutinize it to the point where I can write a song.

— Macklemore

The love of one’s own sex is precious, for it is neither provoked by vanity nor retained by flattery it is genuine and sincere.

— Maria Mitchell

Being a sex symbol is a heavy load to carry, especially when one is tired, hurt and bewildered.

— Marilyn Monroe

My public is growing up just as I am. After all, I’m not 19 anymore and if I stick with the sex bit, who will be paying to see me when I’m 50?

— Marilyn Monroe

In America, sex is an obsession, in other parts of the world it’s a fact.

— Marlene Dietrich

What laughter is to childhood, sex is to adolescence.

— Martha Beck

Music, not sex, got me aroused.

— Marvin Gaye

I do earnestly wish to see the distinction of sex confounded in society, unless where love animates the behaviour.

— Mary Wollstonecraft

Women are systematically degraded by receiving the trivial attentions which men think it manly to pay to the sex, when, in fact, men are insultingly supporting their own superiority.

— Mary Wollstonecraft

I’m being treated like a sex object, cried the lady. No matter. I will take care of it, said Time soothingly.

— Mason Cooley

When authorities warn you of the sinfulness of sex, there is an important lesson to be learned. Do not have sex with the authorities.

— Matt Groening

I’ve been left alone, even by the paparazzi, because what sells is sex and scandal. Absent that, they really don’t have much interest in you. I’m still married, still working, still happy.

— Matt Damon

I love that ‘Much Ado About Nothing,’ passionate, smart fighting. I love fighting with guys, and that’s something that I don’t get to see: arguing at a high level with a member of the opposite sex. That didn’t really happen that much on ‘The Office.’ I just like that ‘Moonlighting,’ Benedick-Beatrice type of thing.

— Mindy Kaling

If I was a sex symbol, I would be getting laid a lot more than I am now.

— Moby

My boyfriend and I live together, which means we don’t have sex – ever. Now that the milk is free, we’ve both become lactose intolerant.

— Margaret Cho

We’re warriors, this culture, and we’re very puritanical about sex and very embracing about violence and I don’t know why that is.

— Mark Ruffalo

We’ll engage in pretty extreme violence in the world but, you know, the one thing that comes to humans as easily as eating or breathing or sleeping, is sex.

— Mark Ruffalo

If I practised sex, out of moral conviction, that was one thing but to enjoy it… seemed a defeat.

— Martha Gellhorn

He who will be just, must be forc’d to acknowledge, that neither Sex are always in the right.

— Mary Astell

Ultimately, the problem is that sex is perceived as a personal, intimate thing, not in the realm of science. But that’s not true. It’s physiology it’s anatomy. It deserves to be studied.

— Mary Roach

To an Ohio boy, it represented world-weary Gallic shrugs and Gauloises cigarettes, existentialist thinkers in berets and Catherine Deneuve in nothing at all – French was the language of intellectual power and effortless sex appeal.

— Michael Dirda

Of course I’m going to be labeled as a sex symbol. I made my bed, and I’m sleeping in it.

— Miranda Kerr

Fraud is common when you give away billions. Fraud related to Hurricane Katrina spending is estimated to top $2 billion. In addition, debit cards provided to hurricane victims were used to pay for Caribbean vacations, NFL tickets, Dom Perignon champagne, ‘Girls Gone Wild’ videos, and at least one sex change operation.

— Mark Skousen

People say that if you talk too much about sex, you take away the mystery. I say, if you’re somebody who likes to talk, talk all you want – it’s not listening. You will never take away the mystery.

— Mary Gaitskill

They’ve said everything about me that they could: racist, Marxist, rightist, homophobic, sex change – I don’t know what else they could come up with.

— Michael Cimino

If I did the structure and had this thing about a straight character, I would never have a sex scene to prove that he’s heterosexual. If I have a gay character in a movie, I need to have a sex scene in it – just to prove that he’s gay?

— Morten Tyldum

But if our sex would but well consider and rationally ponder, they will perceive and find that it is neither words nor place that can advance them, but worth and merit.

— Margaret Cavendish

Tax cuts are like sex: When they are good, they are very, very good. And when they are bad, they are still pretty good.

— M. Stanton Evans

I’m always surprised when actors say they don’t like sex scenes. It’s like a freebie. It’s fun to make out with someone. So yes, thumbs up on that.

— Mackenzie Davis

I think Secretary’s funny, it is about sex, and there’s a lot of sex in it, sex is the key, but you’re talking about a lot of other complicated things.

— Maggie Gyllenhaal

I think sex is very interesting for most people, but I’m interested in sex as a way of communication, I’m not that interested in the fantasy version of a sex scene.

— Maggie Gyllenhaal

Most people are interested in seeing 27-year-old women who are in movies somehow connected to sex. It’s interesting to everyone. Especially little movies that are having trouble getting made, there’s always sex.

— Maggie Gyllenhaal

You know, 20 years… the films of television when it started, the literature, radio in communist countries, they’re clean as a whistle there was no violence, no sex, no drugs, nothing.

— Milos Forman

Sex and the City’ is about outsiders. Single girls as lepers, should have been married by now. It’s the reason the whole thing took off.

— Michael Patrick King

There’s no reason to do ‘ex and the City’ if it’s not going to be everything ‘Sex and the City’ is, which is vibrant emotions, comedy, drama… and also, style.

— Michael Patrick King

If I didn’t write sex scenes, all my characters would head to the kitchen and make cups of tea.

— Michael Winter

We were discussing civilization and the fact that young men among the Greeks at that time were idiots and uneducated, so the men had emotional and friendly relationships with members of their own sex.

— Marion Zimmer Bradley

It’s difficult for me to say, but I don’t think the sex scenes are particularly erotic.

— Mark Rylance

Food, like sex, is one of the principal kinds of human activity that engage people when they wonder about how to account for different kinds of human behaviour.

— Marvin Harris

In France, a woman may forget that she is neither young nor handsome for the absence of these claims to attention does not expose her to be neglected by the male sex.

— Marguerite Gardiner

I always thought of vampires, especially the young-adult ones, as a metaphor for sex – sucking blood, forbidden, taboo. I think they just ooze sex. Vampires are all the big themes in life in one attractive, bloodsucking package.

— Melissa de la Cruz

As I continue to write as M. O’Keefe, I find myself following darker story lines. Plots I might have flinched away from I now rush toward. Using sex as a tool to tell women’s stories is endlessly fascinating.

— Molly O’Keefe

Sex, sexual dynamics and how we define our sexuality, is one of the major deals in everyone’s life.

— Molly Parker

I decided law was the exact opposite of sex even when it was good, it was lousy.

— Mortimer Zuckerman

I never had any hang-ups about sex. As for being sexually repressed, nothing could be further from the truth. There are more hang-ups now than ever there were when I was growing up.

— Mary Whitehouse

For the past seven years we have been cracking down on crime in Missouri, passing tougher laws for drug crimes and sex offenses and requiring prisoners to serve more time.

— Mel Carnahan

I’ve been a woman for a little over 50 years and have gotten over my initial astonishment. As for conducting an orchestra, that’s a job where I don’t think sex plays much part.

— Nadia Boulanger

Maybe one day I’ll have a big hit, and the world will make a big sex symbol out of me like they always do when there’s a new chick.

— Nina Hagen

I don’t think that my parents even imagined that I would be exposed to drugs. In those days, for some reason, it was not talked about, just like sex was not talked about.

— Natalie Cole

Where I live, nobody who’s fourteen is having sex and doing major drugs. And I think if you see it in the movies, you may be influenced by it. I think it’s so important to preserve your innocence.

— Natalie Portman

Sex and gender are such befuddling mysteries even for those of us who are in the mainstream that you’d think we’d be wary of being judgmental. Yet much of society clings to a view that gender is completely binary, when, in fact, there’s overwhelming evidence of a continuum.

— Nicholas Kristof

Technology companies must constantly weigh ethical decisions: Where should Facebook set its privacy defaults, and should it tolerate glimpses of nudity? Should Twitter close accounts that seem sympathetic to terrorists? How should Google handle sex and violence, or defamatory articles?

— Nicholas Kristof

I want people – especially young girls – to know that in life, nothing is going to be based on sex appeal. You’ve got to have something else to go with that.

— Nicki Minaj

I’m not an anarchist any more. I still love the Sex Pistols, but I don’t want to be a punk rocker all the time, but I do want to carry on exploring new forms of acting.

— Nicolas Cage

I really like my first movie a lot, ‘Kicking and Screaming.’ I think it’s a – I’m very pleased and proud of that movie, but it wasn’t the – it wasn’t ‘Citizen Kane’ right out of the box, you know? It wasn’t ‘Sex, Lies and Videotape.’

— Noah Baumbach

What will happen to sex after liberation? Frankly, I don’t know. It is a great mystery to all of us.

— Nora Ephron

In my sex fantasy, nobody ever loves me for my mind.

— Nora Ephron

I have been celibate for about six or seven months, I think. I would rather just make out and kiss someone instead of sex. I’m single. I said I would be single for a year and I am.

— Paris Hilton

I am a bit prudish, I think. It’s hard for me to write about sex, and I don’t really care to read about it, either.

— Patrick deWitt

A Kiss concert experience is like sex or anything else that’s done with more that one person. It’s the give and take that makes it so great. When the audience takes it to the next level, we can kick it up another notch.

— Paul Stanley

Sex: the pleasure is momentary, the position ridiculous, and the expense damnable.

— Philip Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield

To me, the drive for monumentality is as inbred as the desire for food and sex, regardless of how we denigrate it. Monuments differ in different periods. Each age has its own.

— Philip Johnson

I love tackling, love it. It’s better than sex.

— Paul Ince

If I had my way, I would have sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll at least 4-6 hours a day. So long as there are going to be things in the way of that, we’re going to have a revolution.

— Perry Farrell

If you’re going to be sexy in a photo, you’d better be thinking about sex rather than about being sexy.

— Peta Wilson

This is the point being missed by readers who lament Liquor’s lack of hot sex scenes, probably because they aren’t old enough to understand that a passionate relationship could be about anything other than sex.

— Poppy Z. Brite

I also use women as a sex object maybe I’m kinky. However, I like to talk to them as well.

— Oliver Reed

You don’t stay married for thirty-nine years because of sex or even because of love, but because your partner is a real friend to you, because they respect and regard you.

— Olympia Dukakis

I don’t know what women are attracted to. I can’t tell, but certainly I have no notion of having sex appeal or being seductive in any way.

— Omar Sharif

I don’t know what sex appeal is. I don’t think you can have sex appeal knowingly. The people who seduce me personally are the people who seem not to know they’re seductive, and not to know they have sex appeal.

— Omar Sharif

Maybe our generation is more about sex, but it feels like romance is dying out.

— Orlando Bloom

According to the Bible, sex isn’t something sinful, but rather a wonderful gift from God to be thoroughly enjoyed within the boundaries of marriage.

— Ray Comfort

I’ve really gotten to play a lot of different things, starting with ‘Southpaw.’ For ‘Spotlight,’ I got to play this amazing journalist, Sacha Pfeiffer, who worked at the ‘Boston Globe’ when they broke the story about the sex scandal in the Catholic Church.

— Rachel McAdams

After I saw Kiss on stage, I wanted my show to look like the fourth of July. The persona of Rick James was wild and crazy, sex, drugs and rock and roll.

— Rick James

You can’t have rock and roll without drugs, you can’t have rock and roll without sex.

— Rick James

You can be a sex symbol through music or film. Hey, there are some politicians that are sex symbols. Is that something you should fight? No. Sex is very natural.

— Ricky Martin

As the bull market goes on, people who take great risks achieve great rewards, seemingly without punishment. It’s like crime without punishment or sex without sin.

— Ron Chernow

We’re great, Jo and me. We’re pals, and I guess sex has a lot to do with it. She’s also brilliant at clearing a room. So protective, so devoted. I can’t believe how much she loves me.

— Ron Wood

People in Hollywood don’t have that much sex, or at least I don’t.

— Rosario Dawson

I think that children’s books should be censored not for references to sex but for references to diseases. I mean, who didn’t think after reading ‘Madeline’ that they were going to get appendicitis?

— Roz Chast

I know of my sex appeal. I know about sexuality, and I know how to use it – tastefully, of course.

— Rachel Bilson

The signing of the Sex Pistols was a turning point for Virgin. It put the company on the map and, over the years, attracted bands such as Genesis, the Rolling Stones, Lenny Kravitz, and Janet Jackson. It also attracted Culture Club, who were ground-breaking.

— Richard Branson

The thing about drugs and sex is that you lose all your inhibitions. I’ve had sex in trains, planes, wine bars… and quite a few car parks!

— Robbie Williams

I’m a bit of a slag… Some people don’t think it’s very nice, but I don’t care… I’ve got hormones, and sex is there, so why not? Sex is good. Everybody does it, and everybody should!

— Robbie Williams

With me, nothing goes right. My psychiatrist said my wife and I should have sex every night. Now, we’ll never see each other!

— Rodney Dangerfield

The entering class I joined in 1956 included just nine women, up from five in the then second-year class, and only one African American. All professors, in those now-ancient days, were of the same race and sex.

— Ruth Bader Ginsburg

There are some novelists who can get away with writing about sex – Philip Roth, Ian McEwan – but they are rare.

— Ruth Rendell

Well, I thought the Sex Pistols were the cream of the crop. They came in and topped everybody, for sure. They took all the existing strands and made a perfect package out of them.

— Richard Hell

People are judgmental about sex, but everyone has their own moral code. So unless you are hurting people, who are we to say what’s right?

— Riley Keough

The only burning passion I’m sure I have, is the passion for sex.

— Robert Crumb

The three major administrative problems on a campus are sex for the students, athletics for the alumni, and parking for the faculty.

— Robert M. Hutchins

If we know we’re just going to have sex and then ditch the guy, it can be fun.

— Rachel Perry

Such, Polly, are your sex – part truth, part fiction – Some thought, much whim and all a contradiction.

— Richard Savage

I’d like to know what law is it that says that a woman is a better parent, simply by virtue of her sex.

— Robert Benton

When I’m with my friends’ teenage children, I always say, ‘Are your friends having sex yet?’

— Sharon Stone

People generally have sex fairly young, and probably younger than they should be having it.

— Steve Carell

You have to be born a sex symbol. You don’t become one. If you’re born with it, you’ll have it even when you’re 100 years old.

— Sophia Loren

The principle of self-government cannot be violated with impunity. The individual’s right to it is sacred – regardless of class, caste, race, color, sex or any other accident or incident of birth.

— Susan B. Anthony

The Bone Season’ is violent. There’s sex. My little brother keeps asking to read it, and he’s 9, so I’m like, ‘No, it’s not happening.’

— Samantha Shannon

Despite its obscurity, probably no element on the periodic table has as colorful a history as antimony. Money, madness, poison, linguistics, charlatanism, sex – pretty much every theme that runs through the periodic table can be found in Element 51.

— Sam Kean

I write about sex, not love. What do I know about love?

— Sarah Jessica Parker

Sexiness is all in the eye of the beholder. I think it should be. Absolutely. My sex appeal, whatever it might be, isn’t obvious… at least to me.

— Sharon Tate

Skiing is better than sex actually, because for me a good round of sex might be seven minutes. Skiing you can do for seven hours.

— Spalding Gray

Well, it’s 15 years since Sex, Lies And Videotape, and if you hang around long enough you’re having the same arguments with just a new set of people every few years and it gets boring.

— Steven Soderbergh

If the Liberals’ law is passed, will sex education in the schools, including elementary grades, include the same portrayals of sexual activity which presently exist in heterosexual instruction? Will there be the same presentation of homosexual activity? Of course there will.

— Stockwell Day

Provincial governments in Canada have terminated the positions of marriage commissioners who have, for personal religious convictions, not performed same sex marriages. It has happened in Saskatchewan.

— Stockwell Day

The reason for privacy is not so that people will not know you go to the bathroom. It’s to allow certain things to go on that you don’t want other people to know about, when all is said and done. But the things I don’t want other people to know about are not my sex life.

— Samuel R. Delany

I wasn’t planning on being a guitar player I was going to be a singer. And I was for a little bit in the Sex Pistols – that is, until we got John Lydon. And then I realized I wasn’t really suited as a front guy.

— Steve Jones

When I was in the Sex Pistols, I listened to Boston. But I couldn’t tell anybody, you know. I’d get lynched.

— Steve Jones

It’s not every day you get to create a band like the Sex Pistols, and what it changed, on a musical level. I love that we’ve done something that was important.

— Steve Jones

I might do a solo album, maybe do covers, or do an acoustic thing. No Sex Pistols tours, nothing!

— Steve Jones

So that would be a classic mixed message to young women: you should look a certain way that’s going to destroy your reproductive system and your sexual appetite, but at the same time, you should be interested in sex!

— Susie Bright

Kids and adults have sex for many, many reasons… Put out a question box.

— Sue Johanson

Kids are all computer-savvy. Sit down and write to your parents on the computer. And just say, I have some questions and I’m scared. There’s some stuff I don’t know and I really need to talk to you about sex. Tear it off and put it on their pillow. They’ll read it.

— Sue Johanson

If you can’t laugh about sex, you shouldn’t be doing it.

— Sue Johanson

I loved ‘Sex in the City’ – my God, I watched every one.

— Sharon Maguire

Sex isn’t hard, but intimacy is terrifying.

— Tatiana Maslany

I know I have sex appeal, but I’ve never felt like an actual sex symbol. Fans sometimes think I am. The majority of them are sweet about it, but occasionally somebody weird becomes totally fixated upon me.

— Teena Marie

I feel like I’m too old to just have sex. I mean, I want to have sex, but with somebody who really loves me.

— Teri Hatcher

Celibacy is not just a matter of not having sex. It is a way of admiring a person for their humanity, maybe even for their beauty.

— Timothy Radcliffe

I think of myself as an actor first, not a sex symbol. Do I think I’m sexy? No, that’s someone else’s judgment, and I honestly don’t think you can try to be sexy and really succeed.

— Tom Selleck

In my heart, I really don’t care who you love, same sex or not as long as you have the ability to love, that’s the important thing here.

— Tracy Morgan

I remained Ryan’s companion on the Hollywood party circuit, growing inured to sex and drugs before I was in my teens.

— Tatum O’Neal

It’s one of those scenarios where no, I never imagined that I’d be directed in a love scene – not even a love scene because it’s kind of a hard-core sex scene because it’s kind of just purely played for this carnal venting.

— Thomas Haden Church

As Mark Weiner puts it, whether you gain 50 pounds or lose 50 pounds, whether you have a sex change operation for that matter, that it doesn’t matter, that there is some part of ourselves that we cannot escape.

— Todd Solondz

I have no illusions at all about being a sex symbol. None of my former girlfriends ever thought of me that way, and I don’t have any packs of women chasing me down the street like a Brad Pitt or someone like that.

— Tobey Maguire

We’re not as materialistic and income-tax conscious as we think. At the moment our superstitions are tucked away, but come out sometimes in strange ways sex crimes, black masses.

— Terence Fisher

Interview with a Vampire was lots of sex, so I’m not sure.

— Uwe Boll

Young kids are taking Viagra, ecstasy. They even want instant sex.

— Tim Reid

A man marries to have a home, but also because he doesn’t want to be bothered with sex and all that sort of thing.

— W. Somerset Maugham

Sex is not sinful, but sin has perverted it.

— Walter Lang

Therefore, sins of sex are punished in this life to a greater degree than some other sins.

— Walter Lang

We thought sex was free. Sex is not free. There’s a price to be paid emotionally, physically, even legally. Sex isn’t a casual thing. It’s a huge thing.

— William H. Macy

Sex, a great and mysterious motive force in human life, has indisputably been a subject of absorbing interest to mankind through the ages.

— William J. Brennan, Jr.

Wherever there is a human being, I see God-given rights inherent in that being, whatever may be the sex or complexion.

— William Lloyd Garrison

I don’t use sex to sell records, obviously, but I’d be lying if I said that I don’t feel like I have to make an effort to look good when I go out onstage, to wear something pretty.

— Vanessa Carlton

For the speedy reader paragraphs become a country the eye flies over looking for landmarks, reference points, airports, restrooms, passages of sex.

— William H. Gass

Sex is a natural function. You can’t make it happen, but you can teach people to let it happen.

— William Masters

No, we didn’t shoot… in the ones that I did there were hardly any sex… there were suggestions of sex scenes but we never actually shot a sex scene as such.

— Val Guest

In my day we didn’t have sex education, we just picked up what we could off the television.

— Victoria Wood

I come before you to declare that my sex are entitled to the inalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

— Victoria Woodhull

If I’m not interested in a woman, I’m straight-forward. Right after sex, I usually say, ‘I can’t do this anymore. Thanks for coming over!’

— Vince Vaughn

I have always been drawn to the Restoration period of Charles II. I have a soft spot for Charles Stuart, who was always loving and kind to the opposite sex. The members of his court were fascinating, and Barbara Castlemaine was one of the greatest courtesans in history.

— Virginia Henley

If you insist upon fighting to protect me, or ‘our’ country, let it be understood soberly and rationally between us that you are fighting to gratify a sex instinct which I cannot share to procure benefits where I have not shared and probably will not share.

— Virginia Woolf

Whenever women catfight, men think it’s going to turn to sex.

— Yasmine Bleeth

In my songs, the sex is all subliminal. It’s subliminal, spiritual.

— Ziggy Marley

Basically, there’s not enough sex in movies, that’s it. I’m trying to say it, people. I miss sex in movies because sex is natural, guns are not.

— Zoe Saldana

I know nothing about sex, because I was always married.

— Zsa Zsa Gabor
Quotes About Sex

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