The Magic Law of Giving Back

Why is it so important to give back? We come to this world with nothing and we go with nothing. It’s the time in between that is important, important to try to make an inpact and to try to leave the world a little better that when you came. One of our “WHY-s” is in the same time, to contribute to the wealth, prosperity, success and well-being of other people, beings. The law of tithing inevitably causes what we give — whether it is an expression of good or bad will — to be returned to us many times over.

We believe that trying to leave a legacy and leave a better world behind us involves in giving back and setting an example to not only our peers but, most of all, our children and other young people.

For this reason, we have decided to adopt the age-old principle of tithe or giving away “one tenth” of your income to a worthy cause. One tenth is not meant literatly ten procent, but the idea of giving some part of what is yours to others…

Initially, tithe was meant as a way of providing for your religion yet now it encompasses much more than that. Tithe not only refers to what we give away for charity and other causes that we believe in and feel will create a better world but also the mindset, patterns, beliefs that we adopt about ourselves and the rest of the world.


If you are blessed with abundance in any way or form, be it in terms of knowledge, talents that can serve to improve the lives of others, belief in others or simply in terms of wealth and material abundance, you can set an example for others how to selflessly improve the world by sharing “one tenth” of what you possess with others less fortunate.

There for we have decided to select two worthy causes to which we will be donating some of our proceeds.

The first chosen is, we believe in providing aid to The Gorilla Organization ( ) which aims at helping this special endangered animal survival constitutes one of those.


Also, after picking the most suitable organizazion we shall also give “one tenth” to reforestation. (tu bo verjetno TREE FOR THEFUTURE )Helping with reforestation also constitutes another cause that we feel deeply about and will be established as another way for us to give back and help you find a cause that you believe in and that you trust will be able to make a true difference on the planet.


Whatever you can share with others, even by sharing posts and raising awareness, has been granted to you in order to make the world a better place. We are planning on continuing to give away “one tenth” of our proceeds to gorillas and for reforestation efforts. We believe that both causes will also prove close to your heart and that you will gladly support our pursuits.

When you make a difference to your own life, pay it forward. You also can help – by supporting us, you support Gorillas and reforestation. Join us and our forces in making the world a better place. Simply put… the more you give, the more you shall receive… and you can give more ????))

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