Motivational quotes for men

How many quotes by great men in history have allowed other men to aspire for perseverance, to never allow failure to prevent them from achieving their dreams, have shown them how to master the ‘inner game’, and, last but not least, have helped them see that it is more important to strive for a better version of yourself instead of striving to be better than others?

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Graciousness is a virtue that can be taught by men to other men? And, the most important thing, motivational quotes by men for other men have shown how important it is to take action? “When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.” (Paulo Coelho).

Men are practical beings and feel the need to be respected and needed. They are the active principle of action (or yang) to the passive principle of acceptance and passivity (or yin). They need guidance on how to move forward in practical matters. Endurance, strength, and action are the name of the game and require a different approach whose main focus is activity. The yin energy “builds up and bursts forth in creativity” that “motivates yang energy into action”.

Yang is powerful and energetic, movement, it dominates in its strength and massive force. Yang energy bursts upwards, its energy expands, yang is the light and Sun to the night and Moon of the yin, it resonates with the rational mind and is the energy of creation (ibid.).

However, it also requires passivity that may be frowned upon both in men themselves and women because a balance between receptivity and acceptance on the one hand and strength and proactivity on the other serves as the basis of our world.

Light needs the dark to rest, the dark needs the light to become brighter, emptiness needs fullness, strength needs weakness, upwards needs downwards, motion needs stillness and vice versa. The yang is the one that moves forward and the yin is the one that allows to sit back and relax before deliberating on the next step. As much as men may appreciate motivational quotes on how to pursue the yang aspect of their personalities, they require a passivity-activity balance similarly to women.

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